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Advisory Training and Tools for Professional Practices and Business Brokers

Below is a description of some of the know-how and tools you can use as a Business Buyer Advocate, or if you want to buy a business this information is available to your Business Buyer Advocate. 

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We invite you to inspect all this material before you decide to become a Business Buyer Advocate.


The number one reason for disgruntled business buyers is the sad reality that they didn’t learn enough about their company before acquiring it. Here’s how we help you reduce risk if you are thinking about using of our business consulting trade secrets, tools and know-how:

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We’ll simulate a day-on-the-job as a Business Buyer Advocate ®

We’ll reveal our proprietary 22-Step Business Acquisition System ™.

You’ll see our step-by-step Trail Map of the Processes for Buyer Consulting. It covers searching for (and finding) businesses that buyers cannot find, due diligence, creative financing, pricing businesses for sale, dealmaking, post-acquisition due diligence and transition management.

You’ll see important documents that demonstrate and explain our tools and know-how, such as our:

  • Business Vitality Checkup ™
  • Rating of Factors to Evaluate and Value Small or Midsize Businesses
  • Proprietary Data Collection and Analysis Forms
  • Most Useful Due Diligence Questions
  • Post-Acquisition Service for Business Buyers

You’ll review our Client Reference Manuals:

  • Business Buyer Training
  • Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System ™
  • Business Acquisition System ™
  • How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—296 Dos, 273 Don’ts & 93 Profit Strategies ™
  • How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It ™
    which is our bestselling book.

We say this to potential business buyers:
Owning a business can be one of the most financially and emotionally rewarding experiences of your life or it can become your worst nightmare. When you buy the right company the right way you enjoy a wonderful lifestyle, one that is rarely available through working for somebody else. But beware!

Business buyers naturally proceed with a healthy dose of skepticism. They believe there is more than they are being told by business sellers, brokers, advisors, employees, customers, suppliers, landlords and sources of financing – and suspicious buyers are right. We developed client reference manuals to address areas of concern. Each manual spells out the sequence of events necessary to make a smart acquisition, from search through dealmaking. We understand you don’t want to be duped or earn the label “greater fool.”

What makes us different from other advisors is our niche.
We invented the concept of Business Buyer Advocacy. We developed a Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence ™ to help you avoid pitfalls and keep you on track.


Starting or Diversifying a Consulting or Dealmaking Practice
We’ve been keeping track of what works and doesn’t work so we can help Business Buyer Advocates efficiently organize and operate their business.

Explanation of and Tactics for Typical Business Acquisition Sequence
Includes a step-by-step trail map of the processes for buyer consulting: Search, Due Diligence, Financing, Valuing/Pricing a Business and Dealmaking. Business buyers who follow this pathway save time and money, and avoid numerous risks. They can also avoid competition from other buyers, which can increase the seller’s advantages during negotiations.

Composition of and Collaboration with Other Members of the Buyer’s Advisory Team
Too many potential deals fall through because nobody knows how to herd cats, which is what we can do so the members of the buyer’s advisory team can be dealmakers instead of, unnecessarily, deal killers.

Affiliation with Other Business Buyer Advocates
Brainstorm or joint venture and otherwise collaborate with other experts.

Initial Training of Business Buyer Advocates
This 22-topic how-to manual has been in use (and continually updated) by independent Business Buyer Advocates since 1993.

Determining the Size of the “Hidden Market” of Sellers in Your Locale
A real eye-opener for advisors and their clients! And it points to the opportunities.

Speeches & Lectures
On various topics proven to favorably impress audiences.

Business Buying Dos, Don’ts and Profit Strategies ™
The primarily purpose of this manual is to further the competency of a Business Buyer Advocate. The information is sorted into these sections, which are the sequence of events for most buyers:

  1. Preparing to Buy a Business
  2. Searching for Winners
  3. Due Diligence & Evaluating Companies
  4. Pricing / Valuing the Company
  5. Financing Your Acquisition and the Company
  6. Negotiating and Dealmaking
  7. Closing the Sale / Purchase
  8. When You’re in Charge

M&A Growth Strategy
There’s an easy way and a hard way to grow a business.

The hard way: Beat the competition.
The easy way: Eat the competition.

Business owners know that growing their company by fighting the competition is the hard way. The street-smart owner knows a better way to grow a company: acquire the competition or another type of business. When done correctly, growth by acquisition is faster, safer, cheaper and more profitable. We can make this happen for your business.

Creative Financing. You could rob a bank or . . .
Read our bestselling book, How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It™. It’s the next best thing to free money. It explains 500 proven ways to help your clients get cash for a business they own or want to buy. These valuable tips help you guide your clients and prevent them from missing opportunities or risking more money than necessary.

The Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®
As a Business Buyer Advocate ® (a profession we conceived and perfected) you help individuals and companies buy the right business the right way at the right price. You introduce buyers to profitable businesses on the “hidden” market of companies quietly for sale by-owner. And then you assist clients through due diligence, financing, valuation / pricing and dealmaking. We have the only system that integrates those essential services to buyers.

Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System ™
This client reference manual keeps the Business Buyer Advocate and the clients on the most productive pathway to find, screen and move the potential acquisition on to the next sequence of events. Topics include: Plan for Your Business, Search for Your Business and Preliminary Screening. Includes details for business acquisition searches in the hidden market of unadvertised businesses for sale by-owner and businesses not yet for sale.

Business Acquisition System ™
Another client reference manual that organizes, explains and guides its users through the steps that can culminate with a win-win done deal. Topics include: Acquisition Planning, Due Diligence and Dealmaking. Includes the Anatomy of a Dumb Deal and Pitfalls in Purchase Contracts.

Best Practices for Business Buyers
Most buyers study, online and otherwise, how-to information before they venture too far into the dealmaking arena. The sad truth is most buyers quickly become overwhelmed; they have more questions than before their research. We help buyers prioritize and identify the most important and least important aspects so they can stop spinning their wheels and proceed toward their goal.

Computing Business-Buying Risk
This is a specific identification of the financial (with numbers uniquely pertaining to each client) and non-financial risks. We begin with the 15 most common risks. Buyers cannot reliably forecast return on investment, or price a business for sale, without, specifically, computing each risk to arrive at the total downside exposure.

Rating of Factors to Evaluate and Value Small or Midsize Business
We begin our focus on the sixteen most crucial factors, a few of which most buyers (and some of their advisors) fail to recognize soon enough, or know what to do when they encounter the topic. Depending upon the circumstances in each case, certain factors may carry more weight than others because of the nature of the company’s business.

Sample Agreements
Such as the Consulting Contract, NDA and Buyer’s Nonbinding Letter of Intent to a Seller.

Data Collection / Analysis Docs, Due Diligence Forms and Questionnaires
This collection guides the parties to the pending transaction through the confusing thicket of information, and these written records included in the purchase contract as an addendum to further protect the buyer from seller misrepresentation.

Recasting (More Accurately) to Normalize Financial Statements
Too few people on both sides of the dealmaking table correctly handle this, which is partly why deals fall apart and why so many buyers regret their purchase.

Questions Buyers and Sellers Ask Each Other
If, before you start, you don’t know what questions to ask and expect, you won’t have time to intelligently respond. Knowing how to answer questions means the difference between achieving a done deal or wasting time and money because the deal evaporates due to faulty communication.

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Whether you are or are not a seasoned business owner and operator, using an experienced buyer’s advisor is one of the smartest things that you can do in the evaluation and purchase of a business. Finding and selecting the right business and making the right deal for the business is likely to be one of the single largest determining factors between success or failure. If you are tired of working for someone else and are ready for the challenge and reward of owning your own business, do not add risk or reduce your chances of success by doing it without a qualified Business Buyer Advocate ®.
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