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POCN_V_LOGO_SMOur proprietary Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence ™ integrates six services essential to you: searching for (and finding) businesses that you cannot find, due diligence, creative financing, pricing businesses for sale, dealmaking, post-acquisition due diligence and transition management. How many of those services would be useful to you? Here is an overview of what we can share with you:

Advanced training in The Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®. Your training can be one-on-one. Thousands of people have graduated; many were experienced in business buying. It is our way of introducing you to our business buying system.

Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System ™. Evades buyer competition; quickly accesses best deals.

Business Acquisition System ™. Comprised of a manual and personal counsel, you avoid mistakes by testing your potential acquisition with our professional system of due diligence and pricing businesses for sale.

Creative Financing. NOBODY knows more than us about financing the purchase/sale of a business. You can use your money and/or other people’s money. Our book explains 500 ways to get cash for a business you own or want to buy. You need our book—unless you want to lose opportunities or use more of your money than necessary: How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It.

If you are serious about owning a business and fed up with seeing losers or wasting time evaluating companies for sale, study our website and then contact us.

See The Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®.

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