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Learn how to buy the right business the right way, in a live, one-on-one teleconference, with a Business Buyer Advocate ®. You will get our proprietary client reference guide, The Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®, written by Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate and founder of “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC.

Thousands of people, since the 1970s, in the USA and Canada, have benefited from this training.

Here’s how it works:

Use the email link at the bottom of this page to provide your contact information and anything you want us to know right now about your situation and objective.

We will reply to your email and then, upon mutual agreement, schedule a 90 minute teleconference. Prior to the conference you will receive an email file attachment containing our client reference guide. Click to see its cover and table of contents.

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Why should you do this?

No matter how experienced you are, six obstacles stand in the way of you buying a business:

  1. There is a horde of unemployed or inexperienced buyers; they bid against each other to create a seller’s market.
  2. Most businesses are not worth owning. Their owners hope for a naive buyer.
  3. Most of the best companies sold are not advertised by sellers or offered through business brokers.
  4. Buyers who don’t buy the right business the right way are disappointed in their purchase.
  5. Being qualified to buy a business is not enough. You must know how to find winners and achieve a done deal.
  6. Depending upon the industry and type of buy/sell transaction—where the seller and buyer reached agreement on everything else—up to 50% failed to close due to lack of acquisition financing, according to a national survey.

We’re the leader in Business Buyer Advocacy. Our associates nationwide have amassed 500 years collective experience.

You and a Business Buyer Advocate will discuss proven tools and tactics so you can overcome obstacles and much sooner own a wonderful business.

If you are serious about owning a business and fed up with seeing losers or wasting time evaluating companies for sale, use the email link below to improve your situation.

Email us your contact info and the type and size of business that you want to buy. We will reply with useful tips and suggest a time for your teleconference. Not sure? Study this website and then come back to this webpage. Chances are you’ll want Business Buyer Training.

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