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Finance book coverYou could rob a bank or . . .
be among the 100,000 + people and companies that have benefited from Ted J. Leverette’s creative financing book:

How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It

It explains 500 proven ways to get cash for a business you own or want to buy.

The “Internal Financing” section has more than 100 business improvement projects that are quick and easy to implement – and each one adds cash to the bottom line.

Business brokers, buyers and sellers say the ideas in the book enabled them to close the purchase/sale of a business or franchise, which would not have occurred if not for this book.

In business you either use your money or other people’s money. This one-of-a-kind, highly regarded book is necessary, not discretionary.

30-day, full refund, PDF book purchase satisfaction guarantee. Simply email Ted Leverette requesting refund.

The only thing you have to lose
is info that can help you
make more money and avoid problems.

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“Ted is a knowledgeable source of information on all aspects of business.”
Tom West, President, Business Brokerage Press

“Even people who know some of the points gain by learning even one new approach. Well worth the cost.”
Wally Stabbert, President, Institute of Certified Business Counselors

“If there was a “Pulitzer” for the small businessman, you have earned it! A must read for all business owners or those preparing to start or buy a business.”
Anne R. Whitney, KeyBank, VP, Private Banking & Investing

“Contains techniques that even I, Ms. Know-It-All, had not thought of. We see businesses on the market with stifled growth as a result of cash flow problems. The book illustrates this need never be the case.”
Lori King, CPA, CEO, Business Exchange Center, Inc.

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Give the gift that keeps on giving!

This book is a great personal or corporate gift! Purchase a copy for each of your clients and each of your best friends in business. Don’t forget your most important professional advisors. Think about it. This book costs less than just about anything else worthwhile that you could give to show your appreciation. Who wants another consumable such as a bottle of wine or fruit basket? This book keeps on giving, because its owners can put the information to use to benefit themselves, and to benefit you!

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