Debunking Wishful Thinking

wishful-thinkingWishful thinking and hopeful actions are the leading reasons for the failure of so many people trying to successfully merge with or buy the right business the right way. It’s especially hurtful to the owners of small and midsize businesses that want to grow by doing what the big boys do: Merge with or acquire their competition (and other kinds of companies that expand the acquirer’s empire). Too many profitable companies reverse course, often fatally, because they do not know enough about this.

  • They don’t know enough because they are inadequately informed do-it-yourselfers and/or they rely upon inadequately informed advisors.

If you don’t read this webpage now, please come back to it after you tour our website.

  • See the how-to info, the testimonials written about us and our credentials .

Compare our pitch to our performance.

  • Promises are easy.
  • Performance is hard.

Before you proceed as a do-it-yourselfer and before you hire or work with anyone in your attempt to buy the right business the right way . . . please consider this, from Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® Since the 1970s . . .

Look beyond the assurances and boasts of people trying to influence you.

Begin right here.

  • Compare what you see and hear at this website, and during a Listen & Learn Teleconference ™ hosted by Ted J. Leverette.
  • Interview a Business Buyer Advocate ® associated with “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC.
  • Compare our credibility and our ways of achieving worthwhile done deals with everyone else.

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