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One of the most difficult and risky tasks for the buyers and sellers of companies is the formation of their respective advisory teams. Done correctly, it can enable profitable done deals.

  • We try to connect advice-seekers with professionals known to share our values, the ways we think the buyers and sellers of small and midsize companies deserve to be served.

As to selecting your advisory team: Hire people with a proven history of working for buyers and sellers of the kind and size of deal you intend. Ask how they have facilitated deals that should and did occur. Hire deal makers, deal closers.

Avoid the wrong kind of deal killer. There are two kinds of deal killers:

  • There are advisors who don’t know enough about dealmaking for small and midsize companies. Not wanting to make mistakes these poseurs are more likely to poo-poo deals or, worse, bless them.
  • The other kind of deal killer is adequately experienced, which means when they try to kill the deal, do it.

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What to be referred to potential clients?

  1. Help us identify the best accountants, attorneys and/or business appraisers who serve the buyers and sellers of small and midsize companies located in the USA and Canada.
  2. With your referral to at least one accountant, attorney or appraiser you can also share your contact info with us if you want to be included in our referral roster. Be sure to include a link to your website so we can learn more about your capability for buy/sell transactions.

People do not pay to be identified in our directory and we do not disclose our directory to anyone.

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This can be win-win for everyone; it can strengthen your reciprocal referral relationships. We can identify you as the referral source for each person we include in our directory. This benefits you and them.

  • We will NOT identify the referrer unless expressly told to do so.

Other kinds of professionals, such as business brokers, consultants and exit planners, can be publicized in connection to their referral(s).

We only want to know professionals who can prove their substantial track record facilitating win-win done deals for buyers and sellers of privately held companies with transaction values ranging from $1-$20 million.

We’re looking for the kinds of people that lenders like to see on their customer’s advisory teams.

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