How to Increase Company Cash Flow and Profit


Little-known ways to quickly increase cash flow and profit for any kind of company or professional practice . . .

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Lots of great points, as usual.
— Tom Kastner, GP Ventures, Ltd.

While most of the items you suggest were already on my radar, there are several that I haven’t thought of.  It would be great to have the written report for use as a “checklist” with business seller clients. Thank you for including me in this podcast.
— Jim DeShayes, CBI, CExP, Colorado Business Exchange

I liked your podcast format better than the webinar. I learn more and can listen to it anywhere. You were able to fit in what needed to be said.
— Bruce Hayhoe, British Columbia, Canada

Ted Leverette, in his Podcast, written report and how-to book, reveals and explains 120  (many of which are little-known) proven techniques our clients have been deploying since the 1970s. You can get this information below.

  • Our clients have seen a 5% to 10% improvement . . . within 90 days . . . and more later.

Owners and sellers of small and midsize companies do this to materially improve the value and marketability of their business, the sooner the better.

Buyers of companies do this to materially improve their ROI.

Lenders will make better loans.

Advisors and intermediaries can use these techniques for themselves and to help their clients.

Too many companies leave money on the table.

Now’s your time to get it.

You won’t be borrowing money or bringing on an investor. You won’t have to invest more of your money in your company to deploy our techniques.

You will be using internal financing techniques that are totally in your control.

These techniques increase cash flow and most of them increase profit, too. This increases the value of your company, which makes it more attractive to lenders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, landlords AND business buyers.

You will hear and read about how to apply the techniques. We explain their advantages and disadvantages, plus you get warnings so you can avoid pitfalls.

Did you miss out on this event?

No worries.

You can still get access to this kind of info.

It, and more, is covered in my books.

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