Just One Word Differentiates Successful Business Buyers From Losers

Just one word differentiates the winners from the losers who do and who don’t buy small and midsize companies.

First of all, winners actually achieve profitable done deals. And that happens because they stay the course. This happens because they bring to the dealmaking playing field two dozen attributes, just one of which empowers everything else. If that one attribute, which can be expressed in a single word, is missing or defective, people will not buy the right business the right way. In fact, they won’t buy any business.

It’s the common denominator.

Why do we know this? Our 500 year collective experience helping buyers achieve win-win done deals in the USA and Canada. And we recently surveyed 10,000 people on the buy/sell playing field such as acquirers, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, business brokers and sources of financing. Here is our limited time offer for you to know what we know.

If you now tell us what you think is that single word (or a brief phrase) and explain yourself, we will confidentially reveal to you the ONE word that is all-powerful; it distinguishes the winners from the wannabes. We will also reveal two dozen other attributes brought to the dealmaking playing field by the most successful buyers of small and midsize companies.

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