Just One Word Differentiates Successful Business Buyers From Losers

It takes GUTS to buy a business!

Avoid wasting time on so-called “buyers” who are not going to buy any business.

The podcast and PDF report reveals deep, and useful, insight into the dozens of personality traits that enable or disable people setting out to buy small or midsize companies.

According to the top intermediaries and advisors, 93% of people wanting to buy or merge small or midsize companies fail to do so. Most of them don’t even make it to third base.

Just one word differentiates the winners from the losers who do and who don’t buy small and midsize companies.

It’s probably not the word you think it is.

How do I know? I surveyed 10,000 people. Nearly all of them are buy/sell dealmakers or their representatives or advisors. And some of them are failing wannabes. So far they have suggested more than 60 important attributes, which can result in done deals.

First of all, winners actually achieve profitable done deals. And that happens because they stay the course. This happens because they bring to the dealmaking playing field several dozen attributes, just one of which empowers everything else. If that one attribute, which can be expressed in a single word, is missing or weak, people will not buy the right business the right way. In fact, they won’t buy or merge any business.

It’s the common denominator.

Why do we know this? Our 500 year collective experience helping buyers achieve win-win done deals in the USA and Canada. Here is our limited time offer for you to know what we know.

Did you miss out on this event?

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These are a few people who’ve helped with this subject. More about them is in our PDF report.

William P. Stubbs, Jr., Gary Hallett, Nancy Fallon-Houle, John Martinka, Jordan Westropp, Hal Janke, Nathan Edelen, Raymond Copell, Steven Beal, Bob Fariss, Jeffrey L. Smith, Lanny Moldofsky, Dean Liguori, Robert Mitchell, Eric S. Arroyo, Gregory Kovsky, Ron Hitson, Rakesh Malhotra, Jennifer Lee, William Yankee, Robert L. Kelcourse.

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