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The 2 Minute Negotiator: Answering questions with questions.
The best negotiators can prevail over you without you realizing what’s coming. Some mistakes can be fatal. Missteps can defer or lessen whatever benefit you seek. This series of podcasts can help you gain the advantage or at least level the playing field.

The 2 Minute Negotiator: When competition is good and not good for you.

Who loses when business buyers and sellers sandbag each other?

  • If their advisors did not inform them of this risk, buyers and sellers might claim malpractice. And sources of financing may lose money.

This podcast reveals communication tactics and contractual provisions that buyers and sellers use to benefit or hurt each other. Sandbagging is a coercive tactic during a pending buy/sell transaction. It can also occur post-closing to hurt the seller or buyer.

Coming April 30:

3 things highly successful business buyers do when searching the hidden market to discover the best sellers.

Avoiding Dumb Deals

What’s Lurking Behind the Balance Sheet?
Business buyers: These things mean cash crunches. Which can cause insolvency. Which means bye-bye to your investment.

Common Business Mistakes that Erode Selling Prices and Delight Business Buyers
The good news (for buyers) is most business owners learn to live with most of these problems. Their day of reckoning is when you show up to evaluate their company for sale. Too bad for them that they missed their opportunity to maximize the marketability and value of their business. Buyers: Now it’s yours to exploit.

Inspiration for Business Buyers

We want to inspire you to dream more, learn more, do more and become more!

How Good It Can Be for Business Buyers
This is what it’s like when you or your clients buy the right business the right way.

Part 1- Imagination
Imagination is the beginning for business buyers.

Part 2 – Who is blocking you from business ownership?
Getting around the naysayers.

Part 3 – Targeting the financial aspects for a business acquisition.
Don’t even think about searching for deals before this.

On Politics & Banksters (Tongue in cheek, sort of.)

The Update—Stupid for Snapchat IPO: It gets worse!
Even if you and your pension fund did not and do not purchase shares of Snapchat.

  • Listen, and then listen to my original podcast below.

Stupid for Snapchat IPO (The Podcast)
What can disappear faster than a Snapchat photo?
(Your investment.)

  • Snapchat IPO. Con Job? Snafu? Fleeces People? (The PDF)
    This report is the background for the Podcast. It brings to life the saying: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Ted Leverette’s 2016 run for president: Snarky commentary; lots of plagiarism.

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