New Platform for Dealmakers

Announcing a major change to this website.

We’re looking beyond our internal resources so we can be useful to more people.

We want to publicize some of the movers and shakers that facilitate and finance the purchases, sales and mergers of small and midsize companies in the USA and Canada.

For now we want to identify some of the top accountants, attorneys and business appraisers. We also want to spread the word about sources of financing that enable deals to occur, which might not have occurred except for the exceptional work done by these sources of financing. We’re not looking for ordinary advisors, lenders or investors. We want to know and share the extraordinary ones.

  • People do not pay to be publicized by us or on our website.

We want to help them publicize their valuable and unique capabilities.

A few ways we are testing to do so include:


This webpage can showcase important information featuring their insights and know-how.

Directory of Professionals

This webpage is one way we can connect advice-seekers with professionals known to share our values, the ways we think the buyers and sellers of small and midsize companies deserve to be served. We’re known as dealmakers, and we want more dealmakers available for our advisory teams and for our clients and anyone else looking for get-it-done advisors.

MoneyMinutes Podcasts (and TeleSeminars)

Up until recently, you could listen to Podcasts and TeleSeminars by Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® Since the 1970s. Now, we want to include other voices and/or dealmaking ideas in Leverette’s podcasts and TeleSeminars. This will broaden the talent available to people who visit our website and listen to our audios.

So, please contact us, from any of the webpages featured above, if you want us to publicize you.

  • And let other people know about this so we can increase the resources we share.


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Ted Leverette


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