Praise about our TeleSeminars and Podcasts

Special thanks to these people for spreading the word about our audios:

  • Nancy Fallon-Houle, a business, corporate and securities lawyer, at Velocity Law, has graciously informed attorneys, nationwide, who serve middle market and small businesses.
  • Donald Rudnik, Sterling Commercial Credit, a national non-bank asset-based lender, has invited bankers.
  • Consultant and dealmaker, Clinton Lee, in London, publicizes my continuing education events.

Ted presented a seminar to 198 business brokers and M&A advisors.
98.3% of the people responding to the host organization’s survey said they would recommend it.

Well done. I enjoyed  your call immensely.
— Nancy Fallon-Houle, Business, Corporate & Securities Lawyer

I really like the idea of the catch-all question.  I call it the “Columbo question”. Thanks, you covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Looking forward to the next conference call.
— Tom Kastner, president of GP Ventures

I enjoyed the TeleSeminar that you put on. Having the questions that you would be answering ahead of time was very helpful. I was able to follow along easily as you went from question to question. I purchased both of your books just prior to listening to the seminar. I did learn it is about your approach most of the time when buying these businesses so I’m ready to go out looking now.
— Nathan Edelen, Director of Business Acquisitions

Good seminar. Perfect timing.  Please send reports and if you have any other reports available.
— David J. Herman, Managing Partner, Diamond Capital Advisors

Your TeleSeminar, on December 21, 2016, gave me a better appreciation of how employees of an acquisition target give a buyer a much more realistic assessment of the potential of a prospective acquisition. I also learned your creative tactics that can be utilized when it comes to approaching employees while maintaining confidentiality.
— Bruce Hayhoe, British Columbia, Canada

Lots of great information. Please send me the written report.
— Chad Fondriest, Senior VP – Commercial Lender, Midwest Business Capital

Good job!
— Don Rudnik, Sterling Commercial Credit

I enjoyed your conference call today and need help buying a profitable business and execute on our merger and acquisition strategy! When is a good time to speak on the phone?
— J. Compton

The information was VERY informative and, as a Business Broker, was helpful to learn how a buyer should approach a business acquisition. Also, since I’m always looking for a business to buy, it was good to learn about the pitfalls to avoid.
— Rick Kunze, Murphy Business

I enjoyed your conference call. The information was quite valuable.
— Douglas Baumwall, Business Intermediary

Very to the point and straight answers.
— VP Chadha

Impressive! You were fantastic on the call. The content is so helpful to people who are in pursuit of buying a business. So many aspects to consider.
— Gregg Fightmaster, Business Seller

I think the “professional survey” idea is a very good one. Please send me your written report. As  broker, I am very concerned that the buyer’s meeting with the employees can harm the business if the buyer subsequently fails to buy.
— Jim DeShayes, CBI, CExP, Colorado Business Exchange

Wow, you gave away the farm! Great info I can use!
— David McLeroy (Company Owner)

What an excellent Q&A program!  Thanks for everything!
— Stewart Stenner (Business Consultant)

Blown away with the valuable information you presented. Do your downloadable books contain all of this information? (Ted Leverette answers: Yes.)
— Robert Fremder (Marketer of Accounting and Tax Practices)

Great call today, Ted! Lots of good info.
— Chad Fondriest (Commercial Lender)

Everything you do is so professional and relevant.
— Eric Arroyo (Business Broker)

What I gathered is to start having formal valuations done on our larger deals; and, we need to rethink and redo our front end “sizzle” package.
— David Sweeten Jr. (Business Broker)

Our Business Buyer Advocates have helped clients evaluate and close buy/sell transactions with prices up to $20 million in the USA and Canada. Our sweet spot are deals ranging from one to three million dollars in sale/purchase price. (Probably because the quantity deals in that range is many times more than bigger transactions.) Check out our credentials and what is said about us by our clients and by various kinds of professional advisors.