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Beware the Employment Demographic Increasingly Destroying Small Businesses (18 minutes)

You need to listen to this if you are an advisor, source of financing or you own or want to own a small or midsize company. Hear 15 ways employees are destroying small and midsize businesses, and what you can do about it.

  • “Well, when I wasn’t amused, I was weeping. I can only say I am glad I am no longer managing people. Unbelievable.” (Retired Banker)

Another view, from the New York Times, about how we’re managing to underprepare young adults.

If you are not sure about what you can do about this or how to do it, send Ted Leverette email asking for our special report: How to Immunize a Company from Internal Threats.

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  • This continuing education TeleSeminar is for professional advisors (and people who want to know what professionals know).
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Little-Known Ways to Quickly Increase Cash Flow and Profit for Any Kind of Company or Professional Practice
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Answers to 39 Questions From Business Buyers and Their Advisors
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Oops! How Business Buyers Are Blindsided By Seller’s Employees
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How to Prepare . . . and Sell . . . Small & Midsize Companies for Sale
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Advisory Training and Tools for Professional Practices and Business Brokers

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