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Our most popular podcast and report this year:

Guess what? Most of the people, proposing the most important word, were wrong. Not my opinion; theirs, after I explained the rationale for the MOST important characteristic.

The ONE Characteristic Distinguishing and Empowering People Who Buy Businesses

  • Listen to the 9 minute podcast and then read the PDF report.

This Distinguishes and Empowers the Most Successful Buyers of Businesses

It’s the common denominator.

First of all, winners actually achieve profitable done deals. And that happens because they stay the course. This happens because they bring to the dealmaking playing field several dozen attributes, just one of which empowers everything else. If that one attribute, which can be expressed in a single word, is missing or weak, people will not buy the right business the right way. In fact, they won’t buy or merge any business.

Listen to Ted Leverette’s 30 minute TeleSeminar: Deal Killers and Deal Killing for Business Sellers and Buyers.

  • This continuing education TeleSeminar is for professional advisors (and people who want to know what professionals know).
  • You might to want to listen to this before hiring your advisory team. And, perhaps, share it with them, too.

In a rush? How about MoneyMinutes ™ Podcasts?

In five minutes or less you’ll hear about what makes dumb deals, plus inspirational, informative and street-smart ideas for . . .

  • buyers and sellers of small and midsize businesses
  • business brokers and intermediaries
  • small and midsize companies
  • business advisors who want to generate more income

Most Recent

MoneyMinutes Podcast: How Savvy Business Sellers Vet Buyers by Ted Leverette and Clinton Lee.

  • This podcast features the seller point of view, to which buyers should also take notice and then avoid self-defeating behavior.

Inspiration for Business Buyers

We want to inspire you to dream more, learn more, do more and become more!

How Good It Can Be for Business Buyers
This is what it’s like when you or your clients buy the right business the right way.

Part 1- Imagination
Imagination is the beginning for business buyers.

Part 2 – Who is blocking you from business ownership?
Getting around the naysayers.

Part 3 – Targeting the financial aspects for a business acquisition.
Don’t even think about searching for deals before this.

Avoiding Dumb Deals

Who loses when business buyers and sellers sandbag each other?

  • If their advisors did not inform them of this risk, buyers and sellers might claim malpractice. And sources of financing may lose money.

This podcast reveals communication tactics and contractual provisions that buyers and sellers use to benefit or hurt each other. Sandbagging is a coercive tactic during a pending buy/sell transaction. It can also occur post-closing to hurt the seller or buyer.

What’s Lurking Behind the Balance Sheet?
Business buyers: These things mean cash crunches. Which can cause insolvency. Which means bye-bye to your investment.

Common Business Mistakes that Erode Selling Prices and Delight Business Buyers
The good news (for buyers) is most business owners learn to live with most of these problems. Their day of reckoning is when you show up to evaluate their company for sale. Too bad for them that they missed their opportunity to maximize the marketability and value of their business. Buyers: Now it’s yours to exploit.


How Savvy Business Sellers Vet Buyers by Ted Leverette and Clinton Lee
This podcast features the seller point of view, to which buyers should also take notice and then avoid self-defeating behavior.

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