Quick! Build a Wall!



Build a Wall!

Buyers of businesses will need a barrier to slow down the horde of sellers wanting to do a deal. * (See end of this email re the asterisk.)

Find out why.

Find out how.

I’d like to tell you what’s possible:

It is how my client turned a small business into a big success . . . which probably wouldn’t have been possible had he took the usual road to finding a winner.

John knew how to run and grow companies.
But he was not an expert in buying them.

He recognized that even if he knew how to buy, he first had to find a winner.
The Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System ™ in use by our Business Buyer Advocates ® enabled him to see 65 companies. He cherry-picked the winner he bought from several other winners.

John bought a 40-year old manufacturing company.

The elderly man who was selling the company invented some of the products nearly 20 years ago. His revenue came from repeat business and word-of-mouth. He hadn’t made a sales call in years. He didn’t have a catalog or brochure. There was no marketing effort whatsoever.

We noticed the company’s products were only sold in the U.S., so we asked if there was demand for them abroad. The owner said “yes.” And then he said he never got around to it because he didn’t want to put up with all the hassle of doing business in foreign countries.

Here’s what John did.
Within 90 days of buying the company he established dealers across the U.S. (The company previously sold direct.) And then he gave the dealers marketing materials and a video showing how to install and service the products.

Within 5 months his company’s products were selling internationally.

Within one year, the company’s profits doubled, from $20,000 per month to $40,000 per month; that’s nearly $500,000 per year!

About that time, a large company offered to buy his business. The company had been watching John’s sleepy little firm take off like a rocket ship.

Here’s the note John sent us when the offer came in:
“A major competitor has inquired about acquiring my company! Too soon, but some peace-of-mind! You have a reference any time.”

Here’s what he wrote about our Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®:
“I employed every element of the business buying system. I looked at a lot of deals. The key to success in finding my business was using the organized search and screening system. I was able to find out quickly whether a deal was even possible, which saved me a lot of time and energy.”

Ted J. Leverette
The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® Since the 1970s

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Re the asterisk:

Buyers of businesses will need a barrier to slow down the horde of sellers wanting to do a deal. *

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