Books for Advisors and Brokers

Cover-SSW2BB-278x350These books are available only to the licensees of “Partner” On-Call Network LLC:

  • The Street-Smart Way to Become a Business Consultant™
  • Business Buyer Training Syllabus™
  • Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System™
  • Business Acquisition System™
  • Business Profit Maximizer™
  • Business Seller Training Syllabus™
  • Preparing a Business for Sale™
  • The Street-Smart System to Start a Business™
  • Franchise Evaluation and Selection System™

Each “Partner” On-Call Network office and each Business Buyer Advocate consulting practice is independently owned and operated. Business Buyer Advocate ® and “Partner” On-Call ® are registered trademarks of Ted J. Leverette.

Ted J. Leverette
The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®
“Partner” On-Call Network, LLC

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