What’s your gripe about business buyers or sellers?

A day doesn’t go by without someone telling Ted Leverette their gripe about a business buyer, seller, advisor, broker or lender.

Such as an accusation, admonition, allegation, assertion, blame, chastisement, complaint, condemnation, criticism, denunciation, disapproval, grievance, grumble, lament, moan, objection, protest, rebuke, reprimand, reproof, wail, warning.

What say you?

Complainers and respondents will remain anonymous unless they expressly request their name to be posted on this webpage with their comment.

My gripe is in this email.

My reply or remedy to this gripe is in this email.

Business buyers say  . . .

  • Why can’t I make a deal?

Business sellers say  . . .

  • Deal-killer advisors of buyers.

Business advisors say  . . .

  • Incompatible members of the advisory team.
  • Ted, what you told me (years ago) is so true about so many people on the buy/sell playing field: “The blind leading the disabled.” The remedy, of course, is reliable information. Which (also of course) is clouded by the misinformation on the Internet and from incompetent advisors! (Mary Williams, Accounting Professional)

Business brokers say  . . .

  • Liars, liars, pants on fire!

Business lenders say  . . .

  • You’ve got to be kidding!

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