When the Art of the Deal Becomes the Art of the Steal

There are thousands of books and articles about buying or selling small or midsize companies.

Some of them are informative. But it’s not easy to find out what goes wrong (until it happens to you or someone you represent).

This webpage soon will expose the scams. It can help people prevent costly mistakes.

You are invited to share with me your war stories and advice on this topic. You can explain an incident; you can submit a white paper or article. You can even provide an online link to pertinent litigation. You will be attributed as the source unless you want to remain anonymous.

People who share their ideas with us will be referenced in our written report, which will supplement our upcoming MoneyMinutes Podcast.

  • The report and podcast will be distributed, complimentary, to more than 10,000 dealmakers, advisors and sources of financing.

Here’s an example of one of these podcasts: Business Sellers Beware of Bust-Out Scams.
I first came across this white collar scam while working with a law enforcement group.

Later, you can learn some of the naughty ways sellers abuse buyers.

Reply with useful info by May 19, 2017 and you’ll receive a 50% discount code for any of the products or services that can be purchased on this website (using the PayPal links). You can use the code and so can anyone you share it with if used before May 30, 2017.

Use the email link below to tell us about what can go terribly wrong and how buyers, sellers, advisors and / or sources of financing can avoid or minimize it.

Here is my contribution.

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