Why Sellers Trump Most Business Buyers

Sellers prevail over buyers all too often.

It’s because savvy sellers have an advisory team. And the right business broker further tips the advantages to the seller.

So, what can business buyers do?

First, try listing the advantages you bring to the dealmaking table. How do they stack up against the seller advantages?

We can show you how to replace − ? − in the graphic below.

Let’s look at the big picture.

level-playing-field-partial-viewYou are a buyer. Out there are sellers. You want to buy a business.

You have a problem. It’s buyer competition.

Our Business-For-Sale Locating & Screening System avoids most of the competition.

It puts you in touch with the 80% of businesses that are sold direct, on the “hidden” market.

Start thinking in terms of US and THEM.

Most observers say the playing field is tilted in the seller’s favor.

Buyers have an uphill climb.

Here’s why the seller starts with an advantage:

  • He knows more about his business than you, and he may not tell you everything;
  • He has prepared it and himself to sell;
  • He thinks there are a lot of buyers for it (and he’s probably right);
  • He has an advisory team.

We help you level the playing field using our Business Acquisition System.

We show you what you must bring to the table:

It consists of your:

  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?

This is your value, if you know what it is and how to present it to sellers and their advisory / dealmaking team.

When your value is perceived by the seller and his team as being worth his business, a deal takes place and the business changes hands.

Let’s focus on advantages brokers give sellers:

According to our poll, conducted in the USA and Canada (plus a few contributors from around the world) there are 62 reasons why sellers of small and midsize businesses hire business transfer intermediaries (i.e., business brokers and advisors who specialize in dealmaking on behalf of sellers).

BTW: The advantages that brokers convey to sellers is why savvy buyers contact our Business Buyer Advocates ® to level their dealmaking playing field.

A Business Buyer Advocate ® trained by “Partner” On-Call Network ® can show you risks, which you don’t know about, and then tell you how to minimize or avoid them while leveling the playing field or tilting it in your favor.

Email us your contact info. We will reply with useful tips. What do you have to lose? Other than your time, money and reputation if you cannot achieve a worthwhile done deal or if you buy the wrong business. Or acquire the right business the wrong way, which can turn a winner into a loser

Not sure? Study this website and then come back to this webpage. Chances are you’ll want Business Buyer Training.

Ted J. Leverette
The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® Since the 1970s
“Partner” On-Call Network, LLC


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