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Advisory Training and Tools for Professional Practices and Business Brokers

We seek people and firms that want to buy and sell small or midsize businesses for their own account and/or operate a diversified full-service consulting and dealmaking enterprise, encompassing Business Buyer Advocate ® and other client services that they are or become capable of performing, such as real estate or business brokerage, business exit planning and other business or financial services.

Who is the best prospect to be a Business Buyer Advocate?

We want to share our practice management and client service know-how and tools with highly ambitious people who have an unblemished business reputation, who are self-motivators and who have a successful track record of marketing themselves in a business setting, especially with prospective sources of client referral, and who are adept at small business financial analysis.

We are most interested in people already working in the kinds of services that are compatible with being a Business Buyer Advocate and that open the door to numerous cross-selling opportunities,  such as these:

  • Business acquisition advisory.
  • Business and/or real estate brokerage.
  • Management or business improvement consulting.
  • Valuation of commercial real estate and/or of small or midsize businesses.
  • Exit planning.
  • Financial and non-financial due diligence.
  • Financial / accounting advisory for small or midsize businesses.
  • Business loan advisory or brokerage.
  • M&A advisory for small or midsize businesses.

Article: Who Needs a Business Buyer Advocate?

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