How to know if we are right for each other

People with a proven record of success, and an itch to do something new or to diversify from what they’re already doing tend to like this. Because its basis is reality, not wonderment or wishful thinking. Or making or responding to a sales pitch.

To screen applicants, our prospective clients have to pass our test. We want to see their aptitude to be a Business Buyer Advocate. How fast they can adapt to a new situation, on the fly, with minimal time to prepare. We call this event “A Day On The Job.” They come to our office. They simulate what our consultants do. They can feel what it is like to be in our business, not merely read or be told about it. This scares away some of our prospective clients. And that is a good thing. We don’t like wasting time on potential failures. We don’t want people to fail.

Because personal appearance and verbal communication skills are on the front line to start or grow an advisory practice, we invite prospective clients to visit us. During their visit prospective clients judge us while they review our written materials, the kind of info our consultants use to operate their consulting practices and service their clients. That’s right—the actual materials. Not a sales pitch, not a brochure listing features and benefits. The actual tools and processes.

And then we give applicants the opportunity to perform for us, as if they are already in our business. We don’t care too much about the degree to which they parrot what we know works in our business. We evaluate them on the basis of how well they present themselves and whether their behavior leads us (and them) to believe they could successfully deploy our best practices, after they join us and they thoroughly study our system and rehearse with our trainers.

An interesting phenomenon arises. Instead of the encounter between us and potential clients being perceived as us trying to sell them, they try to sell us on themselves! For whether it is being in our kind of business or any kind of business, if you can’t show yourself and others that you have what it takes for success, why risk doing it?

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Ted J. Leverette
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