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Business Buyer Advocate ®, Jeff Smith, sums up, here, the consensus of opinions expressed to Ted Leverette and “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC:

“The Business Buyer Advocate methodologies are more important to me than the information. It is not about the info. (There are many business consulting and dealmaking informational books, videos, social media websites, and other resources that are readily available.) But our processes, our skills that we share with clients, and how and when we help clients when they need it. That is what differentiates us from other advisors and it empowers our clients.”

If showing our methodologies (including our client reference manuals and our data gathering and analysis documents) to your prospective clients enables you to make only one more sale of consulting each year, you can recoup your investment many times.

If showing our methodologies to prospective sources of client referral and publicizing it on social media adds to your professional credibility, you can differentiate yourself from other service providers.

Using our methodologies and sharing ideas with our Business Buyer Advocates can enable you to more efficiently, competently and profitably serve clients.

And if you use our methodologies to achieve your own done deals, you can maximize your ROI.

These are a few of the advantages.

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