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We Share Our Trade Secrets, Know-How & Trademarks

Our proprietary materials can help you more efficiently operate nearly any kind of consulting practice that targets small and midsize companies. For example, you can carry on your expertise from prior endeavors as a consulting service. Plus, we provide trade secrets, know-how and tools for you to deliver a particular kind of advisory service . . . to clients who want to buy a business and to companies that want to grow via business acquisitions. When consulting with buyers, you can (but are not required to) use our registered trademark: Business Buyer Advocate ®.

If you’ve been frustrated looking for worthwhile business acquisitions or trying to buy a business, you know how disappointing the experience can be, right? Our proprietary Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence, ™ integrates six services essential to buyers: searching for (and finding) businesses that buyers cannot find, due diligence, creative financing, pricing businesses for sale, dealmaking, post-acquisition due diligence and transition management.

Each office and/or consultant using the tradename(s) “Partner” On-Call Network and/or Business Buyer Advocate is independently owned and operated (and is a separate legal entity from “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC). Business Buyer Advocate ®, “Partner” On-Call ® and “Partner” On-Call Network ® are registered trademarks of Ted J. Leverette.

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