Temporary Pro Bono Service for SEARCHERS Only

EXTENDING until April 3, 2020. (Temporary) pro bono service for ten SEARCHERS only.

11 conferences remaining: Schedule your service below.

Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, extends this offer another week because 10 SEARCHERS each week have been benefiting from it.

The Coronavirus has all of us on edge. And people searching for businesses to buy have another risk, which goes way beyond making a bad deal or no deal. It’s interacting with people and situations that expose searchers to the Coronavirus. So, for a limited time, I’ll be available for brief online Zoom Meeting conferences with searchers who are trying to fast-screen business opportunities. The purpose is to minimize time and exposure of searchers interacting with people and materials that can pass on unnecessary risks.

The #1 question searchers are asking me: What should I do in the context of the Coronavirus and its effect on business opportunities?

  • Run, don’t walk away, from SMB businesses for sale that are not mature, profitable and fairly-priced businesses AND that have and can prove that they can sustain their competitive advantages. (How did the company do during the Great Recession?)
  • Stop talking to anybody who wants to sell you unnecessary risk. (It’s another time for you to wash your hands . . . of what’s being foisted on you.)
  • Keep searching, because the least motivated buyers and the ill-informed do-it-yourselfers (who don’t know what they don’t know) chase after dumb deals (and bid against each other) or they (wisely) take a break from the market.
  • Exploit the open doors for searchers who know how to FIND worthwhile opportunities!

The Offer by Ted Leverette

All I ask in return for providing you up to 30 minutes of my time pro bono is that before our conference you purchase whichever one of my how-to books pertains most to your immediate situation or dilemma. My book(s) will elaborate on our discussion and point you in the right direction with proven best practices.

Email me your request for pro bono service.

  • Your email must include the title of my book, which your purchased.
  • Your full contact info.
  • Brief description of your acquisition criteria.
  • Your specific question with your brief explanation of the situation or dilemma that you’re facing.

BTW, $125 is the usual fee for an up to 30-minute Zoom Conference.

The value is priceless if I help you avoid serious mistakes or find better opportunities.

2-Minute Video Reveals What The Savviest Searchers Do