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Our founder, Ted Leverette, writes this about John:
“1993 was when he began using our Business Buyer Advocate ® consulting tools and know-how. He has guided more clients to completed done deals than anyone in our group. He also provides exit planning ideas for business owners. His two books showcase his know-how.”

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Here’s what people have to say about John Martinka

After spending (wasting) a great deal of time reviewing local and national broker listings and kicking tires, I was referred to you. I checked your references and found them very solid. Once I enlisted your services, my search for a qualified business went into high gear and the quality of the opportunities were excellent. I am a believer in your process and your abilities. You found the business that fit me to a tee (type, location, price, terms) and supported me without hesitation throughout the entire transaction.
Tim Riley, President, Wilson Distributing, Renton, WA

To me, the advantage of working with you rather than dealing with brokers and similar individuals was that you were on my team and had no responsibility – fiduciary or otherwise – to anyone else. Having closed the transaction to purchase National Concrete Cutting, Inc. just under two months ago I wanted to thank you for your guidance and counsel in my business search.
Matthew P. Finnigan

John Martinka organized, on behalf of the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, Washington State, and the Rotary Club of Antigua, donated over 200 computers to private and public primary schools across Antigua and Barbuda.
Antigua Sun

We appreciate the work you have done for BSSI this year and look forward to our continued relationship. Without your help I would be out of business. I am sure that “keeping us on track” seems daunting, but realize your efforts are appreciated.
Ken Becker, Pres., Burhans-Sharpe Sales, Inc., Seattle, WA

My partner’s feet are blistered from being held to the fire. But he doesn’t mind because your ideas work.
Paul Clark, President, Seattle Publishing, Everett, WA

I wanted to write to summarize the tremendous value you provided to me as consultant in my acquisition. I started as a relative novice in the business of buying and selling companies and in addition to assisting in finding and acquiring the right company for me you spent the time upfront educating me on the buying process. Beyond the expected “hard” advice and analysis on company financials, deal structure, due diligence elements and a hundred other things your value extended to the “soft” areas. Without hesitation I would use your services for my next acquisition and encourage any business buyer – experienced or not – to secure your help. The price is small compared to the return.
Scott Fallon, President,
Pacific Coast Systems, Inc., Redmond, WA

My search for a business started over a year before I meet you and I probably still would be looking had I not retained you. This is not exactly the type of business I set out to find but, as it turned out, it is actually a more exciting opportunity than I had envisioned.

The number of businesses you were able to uncover for me to consider, in a relatively short period of time, was quite impressive. You also helped in the negotiations and kept the purchase process on track. Your services were invaluable.
Robert Baldridge, President
Laser Fantasy, Inc., Bellevue, WA

When I think about the help you gave me with my hunt for a business, the value I received was not in the hours of help, but in the quality of help. You played a key role in helping me achieve my dream of owning a business. Thanks for everything!
Keith S. Jackson, President, Industrial Revolution, Inc.
Redmond, WA

John did a terrific job a getting inside our industry quickly in order to understand the challenges owners were facing. His program was flexible and on target. Reception was great and, as important, his follow up with those who had questions was superb.
Wm C. Pflaum, Executive Director, Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Association

Thank you again for your counsel on our recent business opportunities. Your questions and observations really got to the issues quickly and provided perspective that has proven very profitable? Finding you has been a real relief.
Jon Stevens, TSG, Inc., Kirkland, WA

I found the entire process of finding and purchasing a business under your guidance actually enjoyable. I was able to avoid so many costly and time consuming mistakes. I found many other advantages to using your service that you didn’t mention in our initial meeting. For example, your help in keeping both me and the seller focused on from start to finish was invaluable. While negotiating with the seller, having the ability to “check with my advisor” always gave me an opportunity to for additional time to ensure the deal made sense. Your supervision and guidance of my due diligence and persistent prodding to double check my numbers gave me peace of mind.

One of the most valuable services that you provided to both me and the seller was your ability to mediate when negotiations stalled. Your obvious integrity and insistence that we consummate a deal that is “fair to both the buyer and seller” created a level of trust with the seller which allowed him to accept you and trust you as a mediator. This transaction would not have occurred without your ability to mediate. By that time both the seller and I had spent months working on this transaction. You earned your fee with that with that service alone.
Michael Lund, President, NW Legal Support, Seattle WA

John, your help was invaluable. I can’t imagine the process going any smoother. The marketing plan you assisted me with worked – that’s a powerful statement, isn’t it? One of the best investments I ever made was hiring you to guide me through the process.
Alex Johnson, Business Strategy Consulting (sold), Bellevue, WA

I thought that my search criteria would put me in ‘no man’s land’, but was amazed at how many qualified businesses John turned up. On most of the leads, I was the only prospective buyer. John provided valuable search assistance, and having a third party make the initial contact made it easier to talk to prospective sellers.
Tim Johnstone, President, Anywear Shoe Company, Inc., Seattle, WA

John has been a very valuable asset in assisting me in buying a business. Because I had previously bought and sold a business, I knew how complex these transactions can be. I looked at over 30 companies. 95% were not on the open market. I would recommend using John and his services for anyone who is serious about looking for a business to buy.
Stu Childers, Seattle Pump, Seattle, WA

I was fortunate to witness your seminar. Your use of direct quotes, anecdotes and lots of stories captivated your audience for three hours — not bad when you consider the class was after business hours. Your students had more energy on the way out than on the way in. I peeked at some of the evaluation forms. One student summed it up perfectly, “John really knows his material. He made a complicated topic easy to learn.”
Ted Leverette, President, Business Valuation Network, Inc.,
North Palm Beach, FL

I just wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for your assistance during my recent business search for a manufacturing company in the Puget Sound region. I had been looking through brokers and not really had an experienced partner to bounce ideas off of for about six months before you were recommended to me. The quantity and diversity of the businesses that you located was beyond my expectations (and worth your fee just for this service). I would have never found a business in the niche industry that I purchased and let alone in only seven months. My wife and I are up to our necks getting landed in the new business- it’s great!
Robb Stilovich, Tacoma Monument Works, Tacoma, WA

I want you to know I would come to you again, without hesitation, to use your services, because of the way you won my trust and confidence in every phase of this transaction. Thank you again for your excellent work.
John Hoyt, President Picture Source, Inc. Seattle, WA

Hey John, thanks a million (dollars I hope). You’ve been an amazing help to us.
Donna Buckingham, VP Softwear Clothing, Redmond, WA

You have been very accessible and have been a good asset in reviewing things with me. I can certainly say that you know what to look for and have provided good reassurances along the way.
Doug Bagnell, Pres. 4th Dimension Computers, Olympia, WA

We appreciated the fact that John is very knowledgeable in his field and we felt very confident with his help. We recommend John’s services to anyone selling a business. His fee is well worth it. His service is excellent.
Richard and Judi MacIntosh, Print Media (sold), Everett, WA

I wanted to put into writing a few comments about the value of the advice and counseling that you have provided me about buying a business. [In just your training class] I received more practical, useful information than I got from all the books and articles I have read on business buying, and I’ve looked at quite a few on the subject.
Basil Zabek, Dayton, OH

If you had not stepped in to guide me through the first months I must admit that I probably would not have continued. Of the many attributes you offer, I am impressed with your knowledge of what it takes to be a good consultant. You have learned well all the material, which you present honestly and with integrity. Your training skills mean so much to the person you are working with because you are direct and you have the passion it takes to be successful in this business. I recommend you to anyone, client or colleague, who is seeking consulting assistance or training. Either way, anyone who works with you is very fortunate.
Gene Pepper, Business Solutions, Glendale, CA

I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with you and your services. Just weeks ago, the possibility of buying a business was my dream, but I had no plan on how to accomplish it. I also had no assurance that I could even find a business…I may have purchased a bad business or paid too much, risking my investment and livelihood. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
Gary St. John, Portland, OR

I want to tell you how well the locating system is working. I have just started and already have talked to many owners in my ‘core interest group’ 70% are right on target and meet my basic criteria. They are profitable and the owner has a compelling reason to sell. In all cases, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only buyer they are talking to, or have ever talked to.
Craig Bradford, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for your program. It was well presented, informative, humorous, clear, concise and well received.
Fran Bryant, Francorp, Kent, WA

It must give you great pleasure to fulfill your mission – matching up buyers with sellers to the advantage of both, or steering them clear for all the right reasons.
Elizabeth Pray, CPA, Seattle, WA

Please feel free to share this letter with your prospective clients—because I’m really happy! Your search system found a winner business. A business I would never found on my own. The questions you provided allowed me to see inside the business like I never imagined. I had owned businesses before, but had never bought one. It’s a completely different experience. An experience made comfortable by you and your system. Put John on your team. I did and it was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.
Richard Susser, Houston Consumer Research, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much for coming to CareerMakers Wednesday. As you could see, there was quite a bit of interest in the subject, as evidenced by the large number of people that showed up. Your presentation certainly added a lot to our offering.
Jim Meyer, President, CareerMakers, Portland, OR

The information you presented was a wake-up call to our members.
Dick Watson, Secretary/Treasurer, Washington Motorcoach Association, Snohomish, WA

I wanted to thank you for the work you did for us in the acquisition of CRGI. You helped facilitate resolution when the emotions of the two sides got personal and irrational. You assisted us along the way to make sure the right questions were being asked. Your assessment templates were invaluable. I highly recommend that others take advantage of your services and processes.
Ken Keis, President & CEO, Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. Vancouver, BC

Our group really enjoyed your talk. Several people commented to me afterward how much they appreciated the information you provided as well as your presentation style.
Daniel Whitaker, South King County CPA Society, Auburn, WA

I recently had the pleasure of working with John Martinka. For the first time I can see clearly what my most profitable (and enjoyable) areas are and where I was spending a lot of time with little result. The results have been stunning! I recommend Business Resource Group without reservation to others who want improved results
Jody Levinson, Troutdream Graphics, Redmond, WA

Your brokering efforts helped us to begin this consolidation with a maximum of goodwill. I think you were particularly helpful in bridging the gap between our perspective and that of the seller. Without your services reaching an agreement would have been much more difficult and may not have happened.
Bob Spinelli, CEO Picture Source, Seattle, WA

Your presentation at my TAB meeting was very good. After spending many years doing formal presentations all over the country, I recognize good speakers. I liked your use of humor and anecdotes as well.
Kathie MacIndoe, Vice President Fiberlay, Inc., Seattle, WA

The last time a speaker grabbed our audience like this was when we had Dr. Spitzer, now Gonzaga University’s President. That’s about the highest complement I can pay.
Dave Fagerstrom, North Seattle CPA Chapter, Seattle, WA

Many thanks for your excellent presentation yesterday at our “Business Breakfast Clinic.” I could tell our participants were gaining a great deal of information from you. Thank you for helping to make our program a valuable one for our business clients.
Barbara J. McCarthy, Senior VP, Frontier Bank, Everett, WA

The amount of information presented and the interactive nature of the seminar format was very helpful. As promised, the simulation at the end of the meeting helped reinforce the basic principles. Thanks again for all your help.
Robert Bainbridge, Arden Hills, MN

I just wanted to drop you a note to compliment you on the quality of the valuation and the cover letter, as well as your professionalism. I am very much amazed at how quickly you were able to turn around the report.
Thanks again — the report, your insight, and ideas will be very helpful as we try to find a way to put together a deal where everyone wins.
Blair Bush, Bellevue, WA

One of the things that I have appreciated has been John’s ability to draw out and internalize the objectives, criteria and priorities that I have established for myself, and to be guided by them in his efforts. John has provided invaluable counsel to me throughout this process, and there has never been any doubt that he was looking out for my interests. I would recommend that anyone who is assembling their own acquisition team utilize his services.
Gary Tashjian, Seattle, WA

What a whirlwind! It is hard to believe how much we accomplished since I contracted with you to assist in my search for an acquisition candidate. The experience has been perhaps the most valuable education of my career. It nearly tripled the efficiency of my search. Thank you for your sage counsel and should the opportunity arise I would look forward to working with you again.
Mike Bell, ProCam Machine, Mill Creek, WA

John, I feel most lucky that I met you. You have provided encouragement, insight and prodding to make the dream happen. I hope you will use me as a reference. Your method is a great help for those who don’t know the details. You did not do the work for me. It has more value when you learn the job yourself.
Bob Mitchell, Redmond, WA


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