Article: Who Needs a Business Buyer Advocate?

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We don’t believe the how-to books and seminars pitching buy-a-business for $1 or no money down. It’s not that those get-rich-easy-with-no-risk ideas don’t have any value, but it could be a very long time before buyers achieve a worthwhile deal using the techniques. The ideas are rarely practical for first-time buyers and especially people without big-time business experience.

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“Partner” On-Call Network LLC
Business Buyer Advocacy ™ and the hidden marketplace:

In the 1970s, Ted Leverette figured out how to access the “hidden” market of the best small and midsize businesses quietly for sale by-owner. This is important because most business buyers access only about 20% of the mature and profitable companies for sale, the ones represented by brokers or advertised to the general public. When those buyers find a seller on the “public” market, they are among a horde of buyers who congregate around those sellers. These buyers can cause a bidding war among themselves, which means businesses can sell for more than they are worth (which is a good thing if you want to sell your business).

Of course, Leverette had to have a name for his discovery of the way to introduce buyers to the best businesses for sale, of which up to 80% are on the hidden market. And then guide buyers through evaluation and dealmaking, with loyalty only to the buyer. So he coined a term: Business Buyer Advocate ®.

The idea worked well for many years, so Leverette decided to license the use of his trade secrets, know-how and consulting tools to independent consulting practices in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In 2005 his company name changed to “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC, to more accurately portray the scope of advisory services performed by it and its independent licensees.

Today their 500 year collective experience in the USA and Canada gives their clients more leverage than is otherwise possible. The people you see among our photos on this website are our most successful dealmakers. They got that way thanks to the sharing of information among numerous Business Buyer Advocates. Some of them used our system to buy a company and no longer consult with people wanting to buy a business.

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About Our Founder Ted J. Leverette

Mr. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, has consulted with thousands of business buyers and owners on buy/sell, valuation and business improvement since 1974. Since 1993 he has trained professionals in the USA and Canada to use our The Street-Smart Way to Become a Business Consultant™. They independently own and operate their consulting practices. He has been a lecturer for trade associations and the author of texts, articles and books, How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It and How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy and How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—296 Dos, 273 Don’ts & 93 Profit Strategies. Numerous articles featuring him appear in the news media. More than 2,500 people connect with him on LinkedIn and several thousand people receive his monthly e-newsletter.

How did you get started in this kind of business?
In the 1970s while doing various kinds of business consulting, I began to help corporate executives who wanted to quit their job and buy a business. Quickly I discovered that some of the best businesses for sale were not advertised or listed by business brokers or other kinds of intermediaries. When I contacted owners of companies quietly for sale by-owner, and told them a business buyer had paid me to help find a good business to buy, these sellers were delighted, especially when I also told them that they would not have to pay me, that I was not functioning as a business broker (i.e., wanting to list their business for sale and earn a commission) but instead was working on behalf of and paid by buyers as their Business Buyer Advocate ®.

During the early years I worked in California. I did not then or now want to be a business broker listing businesses for sale. I was a California licensed real estate salesperson. I hung my license with a real estate brokerage; my relationship with the brokerage was limited to when I was involved in activities requiring a salesperson license, which resulted in my earning a commission that I split with the agency. I did not have to report or share consulting fees I earned re buy/sell transactions; my consulting activity was conducted outside my relationship with the agency; the real estate agency did not want to diversify into business brokerage or consulting.

I have trained professionals to use my trade secrets, know-how and dealmaking tools for their independently owned and operated a consulting practice. Some of these people did not want to do much consulting; they wanted to use the consulting platform to buy and sell businesses for their own account, consulting with business buyers between their personal dealmaking activities.

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Hire Business Buyer Advocate Ted Leverette to educate and guide you through our Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence ™. It integrates five services essential to buyers: Search, due diligence, financing, valuation and dealmaking. We are not a business brokerage. We do not sell franchises or any kind of business.

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