QofE Reports—Ripoffs, Risks, Misunderstandings

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Quality of Earnings – Reports and Providers

“QofE Ripoffs & Risks: Avoid Costly Mistakes in Business Acquisitions”

Searchers/buyers are overpaying or getting incomplete Quality of Earnings reports.

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Misunderstandings, about the reports and the service providers, are costly for Quality of Earnings.


  • Realistic Quality of Earnings (?)
  • Providers of Reports
  • Who Wants/Needs QofE?
  • Issues Inadequately Addressed
  • Common Errors & Omissions
  • Differences: Diligence v. QofE
  • CYA Recommendations

Don’t let overpriced or incomplete reports sabotage your investment.

  • Arm yourself with street-smart insights to make informed decisions and secure lucrative deals.

I do not offer nor prepare QofE reports.

That’s why you can trust me. I will expand your understanding. You’ll learn how to see pitfalls, and how to identify/evaluate reliable resources.

  • I’ve been collecting the reports for a long time; some impressive; most lacking; most too expensive for what the buyers got.

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