Ted J. Leverette
The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®
“Partner” On-Call Network, LLC
North Palm Beach, FL

Ted prefers initial communication via email.

Because of the deluge of telemarketing calls aimed at us, and the multitudes of unqualified business buyers, Ted does not publish a work telephone number. People unknown to us are screened if they email us from our website explicitly telling us how we can help them or how they can help us. Conversations may be recorded.

And this: “Nearly half of all calls to U.S. cellphones are projected to be robocall telemarketing and scams next year.”

If you want to connect with some of our colleagues, see About Us.

Our Business Buyer Advocates have helped clients evaluate and close buy/sell transactions with prices up to $20 million in the USA and Canada. Our sweet spot are deals ranging from one to three million dollars in sale/purchase price. (Probably because the quantity deals in that range is many times more than bigger transactions.)

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