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QofE Reports—Ripoffs, Risks, Misunderstandings

Quality of Earnings – Reports and Providers Avoid Costly Mistakes in Business Acquisitions Searchers/buyers are [...]

Do-It-Yourself Due Diligence

DIY Training – Staging – Scopes – Timing – Outsourcing   There are many people [...]

Acquisition Due Diligence Training and Support for DIYers

M&A Due Diligence: DIY Training – Staging – Scopes – Timing – Outsourcing There are [...]

How much good luck is valuing business goodwill?

    Let’s begin with “How much good luck is valuing business goodwill?” It depends [...]

The Most Common Ways Business Sellers Trick Buyers

  Business buyers can fall victim to various tricks and schemes when dealing with business [...]

How to Get, Avoid, or Negotiate Personal Guarantees

  Here’s the link to the recording of my webinar, https://youtu.be/CrRVYFkxnfA Be sure to see [...]

Employees: The Biggest Risk For Business Buyers And Sellers

Taming Problematic Employees & Employers? (Behaviors & Expectations) The resources on this webpage support my [...]

Searcher Marketing Plan to Find Business Acquisitions

Searcher Evaluation and Marketing Plan to Find Worthwhile Business Acquisitions What’s your competitive advantage to [...]

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