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There are many people pitching unnecessary, incomplete, defective, poorly timed, and/or overpriced services to uninformed searchers.

Schedule a Zoom with me. After our conversation, you will get my free report that details the scope and specific actions for due diligence on the business sector that most interests you. During our Zoom, we’ll discuss ways for you to stay in control, save time, and not waste money during due diligence.

Do what you can on your own before outsourcing. For more control and to save time and money.

If you do what this webpage recommends, your advisory team won’t have to charge you to gather the materials and information they need to perform their specialized services. We’ll assemble packages that meet their requirements, which will accompany your due diligence.

The typical buyer of small and midsize businesses evaluates 10 to 20 businesses for sale.

Improper staging, timing, and scope of due diligence is one of the reasons for wasting time and money before searchers/buyers abort or complete deals. That’s why it is essential for buyers to efficiently allocate their time and money.

Nobody wants to unnecessarily pay advisors on deals destined to crater. It depletes the buyer’s dealmaking money. And that limits what they can afford to buy. It can undermine their self-confidence, too!

Buyers must know how to manage due diligence.

Smart and informed buyers do as much diligence as they can. They have their work reviewed by an expert. Looking for errors and omissions, and then going deeper as necessary.

I can help you do it.

Staging due diligence and negotiations:

  1. Pre-LOI
  2. Post-LOI (before purchase agreement)
  3. Post-Purchase/Sale Agreement (paying attention to provisions/contingencies for escape without penalty)
  4. Proposing changes to the purchase agreement based on final stage due diligence.

What’s your risk if you put the cart before the horse?

Relationships: Everyone’s opportunity can be undermined.

Money: Professional fees. Destruction of worthwhile opportunities.

Time: Lost income opportunity.

Control: The marketplace is not forgiving of searcher/buyer mistakes.

Confidentiality: Yours. And the seller’s.

Conflicts of Interest: Relying on or hiring the wrong advisors/influencers.

Be Smart

Properly do what you can on your own and then later outsource what’s necessary.

One of the most important things you’ll learn from me is how to know whether you need to outsource to anybody.

Don’t forget people looking over your shoulders. Like investors, family, and lenders, all of which are stakeholders for what you want to accomplish.

Missteps during due diligence frightens stakeholders.

And keeps you up all night!

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