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“How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies”

“How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It” (Select USA or Canadian Version)

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Book Cover-Handshake“How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—
296 Dos
273 Don’ts
93 Profit Strategies”

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Hundreds of tips, warnings, workarounds and profit maximization strategies for a winning edge when buying (or preparing to sell) a small or midsize business, compiled by Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®.

Business owners, sellers and their advisors can use these ideas to detect and fix profit leaks and to prepare their businesses for sale. The information is sorted into these sections, which are the sequence of events for most buyers:

  1. What’s Possible?
  2. Know What You Are Up Against
  3. Preparing to Buy a Business
  4. Searching for Winners
  5. Due Diligence & Evaluating Companies
  6. Pricing / Valuing the Company
  7. Financing Your Acquisition and the Company
  8. Negotiating and Dealmaking
  9. Closing the Sale / Purchase
  10. When You’re in Charge
  11. Bonus Section—Creative Dealmaking
  12. Bill of Rights for Buyers

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Finance book cover“How to Get ALL the Money You Want
For Your Business Without Stealing It”

$79.95 USD
(PDF conveyed to you via email file attachment by the end of the next business day after your payment.)

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500 proven ways to get cash for a business you own or want to buy. The “Internal Financing” section has more than 100 business improvement projects that are quick and easy to implement – and each one adds cash to the bottom line.

Business brokers, buyers and sellers say the ideas in the book enabled them to close the purchase/sale of a business or franchise, which would not have occurred if not for this book.

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See The Street-Smart Way to Buy a Business ®.

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