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My guidance enables people buying small and midsize businesses to achieve more profitable done deals sooner with less aggravation and at lower cost. How? Read my how-to books. And then let me help you deploy my proven best practices.

You can absolutely, positively count on me to do my best to help you achieve the success you seek.

And I can help you assemble and quarterback your advisory team on the basis of my experience seeing too many dysfunctional teams.

Ted J. Leverette
The Original Business Buyer Advocate ® Since the 1970s

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More Insights & Help

Besides hourly consultations, Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, is also available to you on the basis of one or more projects, such as helping you prepare and expedite your successful progress through deciding upon your acquisition criteria, search, due diligence, financing, valuation, negotiations, and post-completion transition.

His books detail the scope of what needs to be done for all phases of search and dealmaking:

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies

How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It
(USA and Canadian versions.)


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Never forget your lost income opportunity.

Irrationally deferring an M&A transaction presents at least two kinds of (avoidable) potential losses. (1) Missing out on buying the best opportunity that you’re going to find. (2) Lost income opportunity, which is what you would have earned every month longer it takes to complete your deal.

Tip: Search more effectively to find and complete better deals sooner.

Improve your search and dealmaking:

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