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Business Brokerage Press makes an alarming statement that deserves a response from the other side of the dealmaking table. Who needs to hear this? Anyone hoping to sell a small or midsize company or buy the right business the right way.

Too many business buyers don’t recognize the reality until they own the company, realizing too late they made a dumb deal and perhaps a fatal mistake. Owners of businesses for sale: Would you like to know about and avoid the most common mistake that gives buyers a cold shoulder?

62 reasons for sellers hiring brokers, creating seller-advantages over ill-equipped buyers (and how buyers can level the playing field).

Get 9 of my most popular TeleSeminars, Podcasts and PDFs plus free admission to all the upcoming ones for one year.

296 dos, 273 don’ts and 93 profit strategies to buy the right business the right way.

Creative financing: 500 proven ways to get cash for a business you own or want to buy. (The “Internal Financing” section has more than 100 business improvement projects that are quick and easy to implement – and each one adds cash to the bottom line.)

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