Searcher Marketing Plan to Find Business Acquisitions

Searcher Evaluation and Marketing Plan

to Find Worthwhile Business Acquisitions

What’s your competitive advantage to avoid or beat
your buyer competition, and to quickly, safely, and profitably
uncover the best businesses to buy?

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How well are you “selling” yourself to owners/sellers of companies?
And besting your buyer competition? And wowing
potential lenders or investors?

And finding the best opportunities?
Most are on the hidden market.
(Not advertised by brokers or sellers.)

Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®
can improve your marketability to business sellers, brokers, investors, and others.

And then show you how to find and buy the right businesses the right ways.

“The WINNING Searcher Marketing Plan to Find Business Acquisitions”

  1. What You Say First to Brokers, Owners and Sellers
  2. Pitch Deck (written presentation for face-to-face or online meetings)
  3. Acquisition Criteria
  4. Methodology/Process (timing, targeting, follow-up messaging)
  5. Search Tools (prospecting, letter, email, etc.)
  6. Resume
  7. Online Presence (even if it does not pertain to your search).
  8. Indication of Interest (verbal or written?)
  9. NDA and Letter of Intent (Heads of Terms for U.K.)
  10. Response Rate and Worthiness of Responses

Tip: What you show or voice first to brokers, owners and sellers either repels them or motivates them to talk to you.

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Buyer competition is responsible for more bad deals than seller misrepresentation or lousy businesses.

  • Competition forces most searchers to unsafely expedite the process of evaluating and negotiating to purchase companies.
  • Few searchers know how to adequately value small and midsize businesses.
  • Most searchers don’t hire or properly deploy a competent advisory team.
  • First impressions matter. Poorly qualified searchers, knowing how to present themselves to sellers and brokers, get the attention at the expense of more qualified searchers who don’t know how to make the most favorable first impression.
  • Brokers and sellers, because of their confidentiality, operational and other reasons, simply are not interested in interacting with searchers who don’t, upfront, convincingly showcase their value.
  • These, and several other reasons, are why ill-advised and ill-prepared buyers outbid their most ignorant buyer competition.

Why us?

Ted Leverette evaluates, trains, coaches and advises searchers and search methodologies on the basis of hundreds of done deals. Our colleagues have shared information about thousands of searchers and dealmakers.

  • We have no businesses to sell or recommend.
  • No conflict of interest.
  • Our loyalty is solely to buyers looking for opportunities leading to done deals.

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Not sure?

Read this:

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

“60 minutes of pure gold! Ted’s feedback for the Searcher and Search Evaluation caused me to rethink the way I will position myself as a business buyer.”
— Michael Bennett

It’s like fishing with dynamite, thanks to your evaluation and suggestions to refocus and improve my search methodologies.
— Robert Connelly

Thank you again, Ted. Our conversation yesterday has helped us rethink our strategy.
Stephane Lewis

I was getting ready to reach out to business owners in search of a business with $500K to $1M in net profit until I came across Ted. Ted helped me with my searcher’s marketing plan which opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to position myself as someone of the caliber that a seller would WANT to sell to. He did this with role-playing communications between searchers/buyers and brokers/owners/sellers/others, plus polishing my online presence, and providing guidance on how to make initial contact. Thank you so much Ted.
— Oscar Perez 

Ted, thank you for conducting the Searcher and Search Evaluation on my current efforts. You delivered both strategic and tactical value that will change my search process. Strategically, your explanation of the need to ensure congruity of all parts of my search process was invaluable. I now understand that my search is a multi-targeted marketing campaign. Further, that each tool in my search process and every contact with owners either builds upon the next success or tears down the effort.

Tactically, you delivered practical, but blunt feedback on each of the search steps where I provided information and I appreciate your delivery. I now know what aspects won’t work and can make the appropriate changes to match the strategy. Finally, at each step today, you provided insightful commentary that has served as seasoned advice to help me become better informed. Thanks Ted!
— Terry Morehouse

Alex Pawle bought a manufacturing company. How he got there is quite a story. You’ll hear about trials and tribulations, and then he tells us how he got what he wanted. You’ll also glean tips for searching and dealmaking.

The better you market yourself the more owners will want to sell their company to you and the easier it will be to get the money you need for dealmaking.

Disappointment and frustration are normal for people trying to find worthwhile businesses to buy. And it is not necessary.

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More Insights & Help

Besides hourly consultations, Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, is also available to you on the basis of one or more projects, such as helping you prepare and expedite your successful progress through deciding upon your acquisition criteria, search, due diligence, financing, valuation, negotiations, and post-completion transition.

His books detail the scope of what needs to be done for all phases of search and dealmaking:

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies

How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It
(USA and Canadian versions.)


Hire Business Buyer Advocate Ted Leverette to educate and guide you through our Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence ™. It integrates five services essential to buyers: Search, due diligence, financing, valuation and dealmaking. We are not a business brokerage. We do not sell franchises or any kind of business.