Gateway to Hidden Market of Best Businesses for Sale

Are you an advisor to buyers or are you trying to buy a small or midsize business?

The hidden market of businesses for sale is where up to 80% of the mature, profitable and fairly priced small and midsize businesses are quietly for sale by-owner.

Few of these owners advertise their business for sale. Some of these winners are not yet on the market, but they and other sellers want to safely meet qualified buyers. Few of these owners will admit they are for sale to buyers they don’t know.

  • This is where Ted Leverette and the other Business Buyer Advocates he’s trained come in. Their credibility as trusted matchmakers encourage potential sellers to interact with buyers.

Accessing the hidden market can save you valuable time, and you avoid buyer competition because these businesses are not available to the general public.

Why settle for some of the businesses for sale . . .
when you can access all of them?

The hidden market is where to find unadvertised businesses for sale by-owner (or could be for sale to buyers who properly approach and interact with owners) . . . with less or no competition from other buyers.

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