You Can’t Buy It If You Can’t Find It

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

285 Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies and 6 Checklists

Poorly prepared people, who cannot show their advisors worthwhile deals, are the #1 reason why attorneys, accountants and other others kill deals or have trouble with clients.

Business brokers, too, suffer from ill-prepared “buyers.”

Don’t believe me? Ask them.

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“I guess I am the kind of person your book says is all study but no action. What I like most about your book, which differentiates it from the other how-to books, is the fact that your book is not stuffed with filler (basically useless text that fills pages but cannot be put to practical use). Thanks to what your book has empowered me to do I’m getting off the dime to begin my search for a business to buy.”
Carl Jefferson, soon-to-be-a-business owner.

“Schizophrenic reaction. Your first chapter—‘What’s Possible?’—kept me in your book much longer than I intended when I began reading it. As I read the rest of your book I went from being nervous to being excited about the possibilities. Your candid writing style, while sometimes scary, is also comforting because I want to know what is in the real world. Your book gives me the courage to begin my search for a business to buy. I’m going to form the team you recommend, and tell them about your book. Thank you, Mr. Leverette.”
P. J. Wallace, business buyer.

“Ted, I have really enjoyed your book. I almost bought a business last year, and I can’t tell you how glad I am the deal fell through. Your book has taught me so many things that I never thought of.”
Scott Boyette


  • What’s Possible?
  • One Word Distinguishes Successful Business Buyers
  • Attributes of Dealmakers
  • The Big Picture
  • Know What You Are Up Against
  • Deal Killers and Deal Killing for Business Buyers
  • Preparing to Buy a Business
  • Searching for Winners

231 pages

We can help you and your advisors deploy the tactics and strategies this book explains.

100,000 people have benefited from Ted Leverette’s books.

They have been sold from this website or distributed to the customers and clients of over 100 professional, business and governmental organizations.

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You can’t buy it if you can’t find it.

You can’t access the best deals unless you prepare like the pros do.


It will be less stressful for sellers, brokers (and their advisors) if they don’t have to cope with unprepared or unrealistic buyers. Owners thinking about selling their business by-owner can use this book to anticipate and attract potential buyers.

This newest book, by Leverette, helps advisors and well-prepared buyers achieve the best done deals when they deploy the strategies and tactics in his other book: How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way.

  • Unless you are positive that you know everything you should know about preparing yourself and accessing the best kinds of deals, please read my newest book before any of my other books.

Learn more about the best way to access the unadvertised hidden market of sellers, which is where to find the best companies and the best deals.

  • People not adequately prepared to find and buy a business do not see the best deals.
  • Buyers who don’t prepare like a pro will bottom fish for sellers among the horde of competing amateur “buyers.”

It can be like fishing with dynamite for people using this book!

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