2017 Trends and Predictions for Business Buyers, Advisors, Brokers and Lenders

Top 41 Trends and Predictions

Business buyers, advisors, brokers and lenders: Insights so you can thrive, not merely survive the coming surprises.

Trump, Hillary, Wall Street and Main Street Watchers: There’s even foresight here for you.

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We polled thousands of dealmakers, advisors, representatives, investors and sources of financing.

We’re declaring 2017:

“The Year of the Greater Fool”

This is when avoidable mistakes come to roost. It’s also when savvy, prepared people thrive!

Top 41 Trends and Predictions

  1. You will be better off this year than you will be next year.
  2. Discovery of the year: Secure digital storage in the cloud becomes stormy; hackers rejoice.
  3. Business intelligence becomes an oxymoron.
  4. Wall Street bankers stop cheating. (Just kidding.)
  5. Online shopping replaces more retail stores; business buyers seeking turnaround opps compete to purchase retailers.
  6. Time wasters on social media suspect subliminal marketing and product placement; websites and apps retool to conceal messaging.
  7. Loser hedge funds attract investors fleeing loses from stocks, bondage and lousy business acquisitions.
  8. Businesses-for-sale intermediaries stop working on commission for crummy companies; requiring nonrefundable upfront retainers of 50% or more of the potential commission payable upon the (yeah, sure) sale.
  9. Owners of crummy companies defer attempts to sell their business; frantically strive to improve profit; business brokers and buyers rejoice.
  10. Massive wealth transfer from sellers of crummy businesses to buyers who lose their savings; lenders suffer defaulting loans, further weakening the financial system; business advisors rejoice (and collect upfront fees).
  11. SBA-backed lenders continue risking OPM for loans.
  12. Asset-based lenders continue making profitable loans.
  13. Crowdfunding attracts more Greater Fools to finance unproven businesses.
  14. Artificial intelligence gets smarter; people act dumber.
  15. Employee tenure declines; turnover increases.
  16. Maudlin millennials continue to be buzz killers.
  17. Twits, tweeting at work, further erode economic productivity; employers create apps and games for employees to make their jobs more fun. (Preview 2018: Employers recall apps and games and tell employees to get back to work.)
  18. Freelance workforce grows: Uber launches temp employment service; temps work from cars in employer parking lots; companies downsize real estate holdings and leases; landlords seek Greater Fools.
  19. People browsing online learn to love advertising popups; devote more time at work to surfing; digital advertising prices increase.
  20. Business brokers stop listing for sale crummy businesses; brokers’ income and job satisfaction rises; disgruntled workers in other fields eye business brokerage.
  21. Business appraisers and bankers go into business brokerage.
  22. Business Buyer Advocates ® go into business brokerage.
  23. Owners of crummy businesses continue to find eager buyers.
  24. More lawyers and accountants kill more dumb deals.
  25. Prices increase 20% for SMB when investors sell out of the crashing (overvalued) public market of stocks and bondage to invest on Main Street.
  26. Saturation of business brokerage industry results in quitters looking for SMB turnaround opportunities.
  27. .05% increase in interest rates retards business turnaround seekers.
  28. Hottest job opp: Brick layer.
  29. Hottest industry niches: Cement and bricks.
  30. IKEA introduces hands-off auto-assembly construction. Customers rejoice.
  31. New social media platforms emerge; employers moan.
  32. Astrologers lobby for monthly holiday, one each for every astrological sign; Feds approve; hello four day weekend.
  33. “Four Day Weekend” becomes best seller; company owners seek employment.
  34. Bad year for astrological Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  35. Sales plummet for Hillary socks.
  36. Sales sink for Trump socks.
  37. Business buyers seek turnaround opportunities among sock manufacturers and retailers.
  38. Sock manufacturers continue to make and hold until demand resumes for “Collectors’ Editions.”
  39. Coldest ever temperatures deplete nationwide inventory of socks.
  40. Hillary and Trump sock hoarders profit on eBay.
  41. Resurgence of 1960s slang; millennials “meh.”

In a nutshell: Rising rate of employment results in more dissatisfied workers; wages stagnate; employees quit to buy a business; buyer-demand increases selling prices; lenders continue to fund dumb(er) deals; turnaround opportunities increase; corporate wages increase to attract and retain employees; buyers of dumb deals seek Greater Fools while applying for employment; business advisors having good year.

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