Employees: The Biggest Risk For Business Buyers And Sellers

Taming Problematic Employees & Employers?
(Behaviors & Expectations)

The resources on this webpage support my series on YouTube: “Why Employees Are The Biggest Risk For Business Owners, Sellers, Buyers.”

Don’t misunderstand. Employees are the biggest risk.

  • And, it does not have to be your risk.

If you want to buy a business, you can avoid mishaps by doing what the most informed buyers do. Buy the best businesses for sale. And, to do that, you must avoid or beat your buyer competition. Plus, make yourself the first choice of brokers and sellers. To do that, use these tools:

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How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It

Question for you: Doesn’t it seem like there’s an increasing number of disconnects among the employer―employee relationships?

With the shift in workers attitudes we have two choices – accept and adapt or resist and deny. Which choice will YOU make?”

Workers are more discerning about where they choose to work and why they work; it’s said to continue to at least 2030. This is a social change NOT a trend. In 2023 leaders would benefit in accepting the worker market reality.

― Cheryl Cran, NextMapping, 23 Workplace Trends for 2023

That raises another question: Who’s in charge? Employers? Employees?

Doesn’t it?

Employee talent and commitment fuels cash flow.

That’s what business buyers are actually acquiring. Employee talents and commitments may be the biggest enhancer or diminisher of cash flow.

The kind or size of company doesn’t matter.

More than ever, buyers, sellers, and lenders have to look to the cash flow, not yesterdays, but what’s coming.

  • Cash flow diminishes when employees can’t or won’t generate it.
  • Cash flow pays expenses, sustains employment, and creates profit. Or it doesn’t.

Too many business buyers don’t discover what they actually bought until after they complete their transaction. And, it’s not good news.  It’s why there are so many dumb deals. And buyer remorse.

That’s why we, first, evaluate the employees.

And then we examine the cash flow. What we don’t do, upfront, is go deeply into the financials . . . because the financials are historical. And the future is imaginary. So, the financial statements might have little to do with what’s ahead.

If you’re a business owner or manager, or you want to sell or buy a business, begin by interviewing key employees. Go to YouTube to watch my video: “Here’s What Savvy Buyers Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale.”

Tip for buyers: Don’t let the seller’s problems become yours. Buyer beware. And be aware.

And – don’t fret too much – yet. See―Solutions―below for how the savviest employers are reacting, mitigating or solving what, today, might appear to you to be an overwhelming negative environment for employers and employees.

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Here’s What Savvy Buyers Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale.

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Project Risk Analysis and Project Risk Management Webinars

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Mitigating Employment Risk

5 Internal Control Risks Every Organization Should Address

Top talent experts weigh in on 2023 hiring after economic woes roil year end

Top talent experts weigh in on 2023 hiring after economic woes roil year end

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Accessibility in the workplace, from return-to-work programs to accommodations

Amy’s Kitchen responds to accusation of sexual misconduct by Bay Area manager

JPMorgan’s chief U.S. economist warns of job losses and higher unemployment ahead: ‘We are expecting the economy to slip into a recession’

Solutions for Employers and Employees

Your boss might be hoping you quit because it’s easier and cheaper than firing you

Here’s What Savvy Buyers Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale.

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In turbulent times, go for growth

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Here’s What Savvy Buyers Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale.

Alternatives to SWOT Analysis

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How Employee Training Partnerships Can Benefit Your Business (and What to Look for in a Partner)

Strategic Empathy As A Source Of Competitive Advantage

Peer mentoring in the workplace: 10 benefits and best practices

Here’s What Savvy Buyers Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale.

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