Who is the best prospect to be a Business Buyer Advocate?

We want to license our practice management and client service know-how and tools to highly ambitious people who have an unblemished business reputation, who are self-motivators and who have a successful track record of marketing themselves in a business setting, especially with prospective sources of client referral, and who are adept at small business financial analysis.

We are most interested in people who want to buy and sell businesses for their own account and/or operate or want to operate a (nearly) full-service dealmaking practice. The kinds of services that are compatible with each other and that open the door to numerous cross-selling opportunities include these:

  • Business acquisition advisory.
  • Business and/or real estate brokerage.
  • Management or business improvement consulting.
  • Valuation of commercial real estate and/or of small or midsize businesses.
  • Exit planning.
  • Financial and non-financial due diligence.
  • Financial / accounting advisory for small or midsize businesses.
  • Business loan advisory or brokerage.
  • M&A advisory for small or midsize businesses.

Are you the typical business buyer?

You are if you are frustrated trying to buy a business. More than 90% of people who want to buy a small or midsize company are discouraged. They are sick and tired of the puffery, the overpriced businesses, the losers masquerading as wannabe winners “with potential.” Most of these people give up trying to buy a business, despite the fact that business ownership is one of the safest and most profitable ways to earn income and build net worth. They quit because they are not willing to settle for a mediocre deal. Worse, too many buyers purchase the wrong company or they buy the right company the wrong way. Yet, there is an abundance of mature, fairly priced companies for sale by-owner on the hidden market.

We can show you how to find and buy them and/or you can join us and then help disgruntled people who cannot achieve a worthwhile done deal. “And/or” means you can have your cake and eat it too. You can be one of our Business Buyer Advocates ® AND you can buy and sell companies that you control.

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Are you a business brokerage?

No, “Partner” On-Call Network LLC is not a business brokerage. But our licensees can be, especially if they want to operate a diversified full-service consulting and dealmaking enterprise, encompassing Business Buyer Advocate ® and other client services that they are or become capable of performing, such as real estate or business brokerage, business exit planning, valuation and other business or financial services.

Licensee business relationship

Trade Secret, Know-How & Trademark Subscription License Agreement. Our proprietary materials can help you more efficiently operate nearly any kind of consulting practice that targets small and midsize companies. For example, you can carry on your expertise from prior endeavors as a consulting service. Plus, we provide trade secrets, know-how and tools for you to deliver a particular kind of advisory service . . .  to clients who want to buy a business and to companies that want to grow via business acquisitions. When consulting with buyers, subscribers can (but are not required to) use our registered trademark: Business Buyer Advocate ®.

If you’ve been frustrated looking for worthwhile business acquisitions or trying to buy a business, you know how disappointing the experience can be, right? Our proprietary Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence, ™ integrates five services essential to buyers: search, due diligence, financing, valuation and dealmaking.

Is what you offer a franchise?

No. We experimented with franchising, but we and our franchisees did not like the franchising model. Franchisees liked our consulting system but they wanted more independence than is possible in franchising. They did not like paying royalties or contributing to our national advertising campaign. They didn’t like having to report their activities to the franchisor. They didn’t like having to get the franchisor’s permission to sell or change the ownership of their franchise, nor to grant the franchisor the right of first refusal to purchase the franchise if the franchisee wanted to sell it. They didn’t like being committed to a long-term franchise agreement, which, like nearly all franchise agreements, limited their ability to go in another direction if they found something else they wanted to do.

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, and you, too, don’t like these attributes, look for alternatives such as what we offer.