Business Buying Grand Slam!

I’d like to tell you what’s possible, how my client turned a small business into a big success . . . which probably wouldn’t have been possible had he took the usual road to finding a winner. John knew how to run and grow companies. But he was not an … Continue reading

Got bloat? Yippee!

Pop! Pop! Fizz Fizz . . . Oh what a business buying opp it is! Bloat, a swelling, which aches when in our belly but is one of the fastest ways to increase profit when relieved within a company. There are many causes of bloating. Let’s examine what causes it … Continue reading

Worst Businesses to Buy

There are few worst types of business—but a particular business may not be worth buying. You can make a street-smart investment by acquiring a strong company in a temporarily troubled or declining industry. Characteristics of risky businesses: It’s the degree to which these vulnerabilities exist, not the mere fact that … Continue reading

Bought the wrong business?

“I bought the wrong business! Now what?” Some people are surprised to discover they bought the wrong business. And some people acquire the right business the wrong way, which can turn a winner into a loser. You cannot fix what you don’t know is wrong. Most problems, when adequately identified, … Continue reading

Foursome Networking Events

Why? Foursome Networking Events ™ (FNEs) are one of the most effective ways to build credibility and to generate referrals of new business, especially for professional service providers and sources of financing, according to business consultant, Ted J. Leverette, who coined this phrase in 2008. These events create BUZZ about … Continue reading

How do licensees get clients?

Business Buyer Advocates ® attract clients the same ways all kinds of successful professionals do it. Networking with sources of client referral is one of the most productive ways. Our licensees outsource for the best talent. Some of the tasks that can be handled by proven service providers, whom have … Continue reading

Business Valuation Resources

Why are some business appraisers better than others? Access to relevant data, especially details of buy/sell transactions that are comparable to the business being valued. But that is not enough: It is necessary to compare the subject business’ operating statistics to similar businesses, including but not limited to financial and … Continue reading

What Businesses Sold For in 2014

Thanks to Alex Shteriev for sharing his insight about the (Greater Toronto Area and Ontario) Canadian marketplace. I wonder if it is similar to what occurred in the USA? I think it is informative to get insight from individuals from various locales because, like the real estate marketplace, the kinds … Continue reading

Translation—“Business Opp” Ads

One of our most downloaded and shared reports, we reproduce it below. But first, an apropos comment from a reader: “This would be funny if it weren’t so true!” Advertising puffery can cause a business buyer’s dream to become a nightmare. Translation — “Business Opportunity” Ads In the old days, … Continue reading

The price is right-or is it?

Value can differ, based upon the purpose of determining it: buy/sell, estate or tax plan, financing or key man insurance. There are two important principles of pricing you should know: The value of the assets and the value of the anticipated stream of profit. Together they affect price. Imagine two … Continue reading

Ensuring Success Post-Acquisition

BEST PRACTICES FOR POST-ACQUISITION Here are a few of our “35 Best Practices for Post Acquisition Management.”   Job one is post-acquisition due diligence. Being proactive pays. Set crystal-clear performance expectations. Assure & retain key employees. Use a “hatchet man.” Reassess everything to find more opportunity. Re-evaluate the competition. Compare … Continue reading

We level the playing field for buyers

Our proprietary Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence ™ integrates six services essential to you: searching for (and finding) businesses that you cannot find, due diligence, creative financing, pricing businesses for sale, dealmaking, post-acquisition due diligence and transition management. How many of those services would be useful to you? Here is an … Continue reading

6 obstacles to buying a business

No matter how experienced you are, six obstacles stand in the way of you buying a business: There is a horde of unemployed or inexperienced buyers; they bid against each other to create a seller’s market. Most businesses are not worth owning. Their owners hope for a naive buyer. Only … Continue reading

Our Code of Ethics

Business Buyer Advocates & “Partners” On-Call Conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects creditably on the profession of business acquisition advisory and specifically Business Buyer Advocacy ™. Avoid conflict-of-interest by not engaging in dual agency, without disclosure to the parties to a transaction. (i.e., serving any party … Continue reading

Why should I become a licensee?

Business Buyer Advocate ®, Jeff Smith, sums up, here, the consensus of opinions expressed to Ted Leverette and “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC: “The Business Buyer Advocate methodologies are more important to me than the information. It is not about the info. (There are many business consulting and dealmaking informational books, … Continue reading

Who needs a Business Buyer Advocate?

Article-Who Needs a Business Buyer Advocate One of the best-kept secrets is the astonishing fact that most business acquisitions do not live up to the buyer’s expectation. Only the most foolish buyers proceed without expertise on the five major activities that occur during the business acquisition process: search, due diligence, … Continue reading