Alarming Article by Business Brokerage Press

Business Brokerage Press makes an alarming statement that deserves a response from the other side of the dealmaking table.

Their article showcases an avoidable mistake made by too many business brokers, buyers and sellers. And, despite warnings from dealmaking experts, self-defeating behavior continues.

It usually happens within the first few hours of unsuspecting buyers setting out to find sellers of small or midsize companies.

Consider this a public service announcement by Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®.

Who needs to hear this? Anyone advising or hoping to sell a small or midsize company or buy the right business the right way.

  • Sources of financing cannot fund deals if this mistake stops deals from occurring.

We’re referring to this article by Business Brokerage Press: “Are You Shaking Hands or Hitting Send?”

In our opinion, as Business Buyer Advocates, this candid article, written for a largely business brokerage audience, raises a touchy topic that can either make or break a business buyer’s opportunity to achieve a worthwhile done deal.

Buyers and their advisors are risking too much if they don’t listen to Leverette’s reaction to the article and then heed his street-smart advice.

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