Deal Killers and Deal Killing for Business Sellers and Buyers

Before you blame advisors, listen to this podcast so you see how easy it is for buyers and sellers to kill their pending transactions.

Deal Killers and Deal Killing for Business Sellers and Buyers. (26 minutes)

  • This continuing education TeleSeminar is for professional advisors (and people who want to know what professionals know).
  • You might to want to listen to this before hiring your advisory team. And, perhaps, share it with them, too.

As to selecting your advisory team: Hire people with a proven history of working for buyers and sellers of the kind and size of deal you intend. Ask how they have facilitated deals that should and did occur. Hire deal makers, deal closers.

Avoid the wrong kind of deal killer. There are two kinds of deal killers:

  • There are advisors who don’t know enough about dealmaking for small and midsize companies. Not wanting to make mistakes these poseurs are more likely to poo-poo deals or, worse, bless them.
  • The other kind of deal killer is adequately experienced, which means when they try to kill the deal, do it.

Topics for the TeleSeminar

We begin with how to optimally form and balance an advisory team, and then we talk about why it is so important to properly plan, screen and interview candidates.

  1. Poseurs
  2. Buyer’s credit report and creditworthiness.
  3. Remorse
  4. Value
  5. Advisors
  6. Surprise-Surprise!
  7. It used to be better!
  8. I wouldn’t have a drink with you but I’ll work with you.
  9. Negotiating is not for sissies.
  10. Ownership
  11. Not looking beyond the borders.
  12. Records
  13. Blue sky
  14. Realizing too late what “the day after” means.
  15. What’s not said?
  16. The letter of ill-intent.
  17. Lawsuit
  18. Yawn! I’ll get around to it.
  19. The company has the licenses and permits.
  20. My partner or spouse agrees.
  21. He said, she said.
  22. Extortion
  23. What! Taxation?
  24. Perfect is imperfect!

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