Article-Who Needs a Business Buyer Advocate

One of the best-kept secrets is the astonishing fact that most business acquisitions do not live up to the buyer’s expectation.

Only the most foolish buyers proceed without expertise on the five major activities that occur during the business acquisition process: search, due diligence, financing, valuation and dealmaking.

Business buyers not fully aware of the realities in the buy/sell arena risk buying a company from an unprepared seller, which exposes the buyer to additional risk unless the buyer’s advisors know how to evaluate the company and structure the deal.

Approximately 80% of profitable businesses for sale are sold by-owner. Business Buyer Advocates go to the hidden market to find businesses for sale that are profitable, that have competitive advantages that make them attractive to business buyers. Few of these sellers advertise their business for sale; it is safer for them to contact us to meet a buyer who has paid us to help the buyer achieve a done deal.

The goal of a Business Buyer Advocate ® is to facilitate the safe and profitable transfer of businesses, as quickly as possible—so every party to the transaction gets a win-win deal.

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