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How to Prepare Businesses for Sale

Prepare for Sale—and Sell—Small & Midsize Companies   Listen & Learn Podcast ™   Most small and midsize companies for sale don’t sell. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’m not referring to the losers that shouldn’t sell. Those owners were hoping to sell to a Greater Fool. Let’s focus on the unsold companies […]

Too many business brokers, buyers and sellers make this mistake.

The opportunity that vanished for businesses, towns and people along Route 66 is happening today to tens of thousands of profitable small and midsize companies in the best local economies, thanks to missteps by advisors, business brokers and potential business buyers. Keep reading for street-smart insight into opportunity lost and how, today, astute people gain […]

62 Reasons for Sellers Hiring Brokers

Savvy Buyers Level Their Playing Field The advantages that brokers convey to sellers is why savvy buyers contact our Business Buyer Advocates ® to level their dealmaking playing field and to help facilitate win-win done deals. According to our poll, conducted in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom (plus a few contributors from around […]

Selling a Business By-Owner?

More than 300 people signed up for this TeleSeminar: Pros and Cons of Selling a Business By-Owner. (The agenda and the link to the audio recording is on the bottom of this webpage.) I’m Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®. What I know about sellers and selling small and midsize companies will inform […]

Ted Leverette Reveals How Business Buyers Are Blindsided By Seller’s Employees

Insights Savvy Business Buyers MUST Detect from Employees of Companies for Sale Employees can be the buyer’s BEST reality check. Too many buyers are fooled by employees working for businesses for sale. How the Employees of Companies for Sale Can Be the Buyer’s BEST Reality Check Buyers, sellers and their representatives, rightfully, fear interaction between […]