Our Buyers Saved More Than $100 Million

We’ve helped buyers of SMBs save: $135467000

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  • $600,000 was the last price reduction for a mature, profitable company having sustainable competitive advantages.

And yet the prices paid are within the reasonable range of value. Why? Our clients buy winners.

  • Ted Leverette doesn’t work for searchers wanting to take advantage of sellers.
  • Nor does he work for searchers wanting to buy losers, hoping for a successful turnaround.

During your Zoom conversation with Ted Leverette you’ll hear one of our most valuable strategies, which you can implement on your own or with our help.

  • This strategy pertains to every searcher and every kind and size of potential M&A transaction.
  • Deploy it to go from wishful thinking to talking to owners wanting to sell their mature, profitable companies.

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Never forget your lost income opportunity.

Irrationally deferring an M&A transaction presents at least two kinds of (avoidable) potential losses. (1) Missing out on buying the best opportunity that you’re going to find. (2) Lost income opportunity, which is what you would have earned every month longer it takes to complete your deal.

Tip: Search more effectively to find and complete better deals sooner.

Improve your search and dealmaking:

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