Business Seller Training

Business sellers either exit their way or the way their buyer prefers.

Which, of course, as a (mostly) buyer-advisor, I hope will benefit buyers.

So, fair warning (and a helpful tip) for sellers and their representatives:

“Negotiations are a part of everyday life. Successful negotiations demand a clear understanding of one’s opponent. Perspective-taking involves understanding and anticipating an opponent’s interests, thoughts, and likely behaviors. Perspective takers are able to step outside the constraints of their own immediate, biased frames of reference.” Read more.

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Savvy owners think about what will be necessary to sell their business. The earlier the better.

Here’s something useful right now: How to Prepare Businesses for Sale.

The most informed owners read these two books so their exit plan is more realistic:

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

  • This book reveals how the best-prepared buyers interact with sellers and their advisors. Sellers are flying blind if they don’t know this, naively entering the dealmaking playing field. Smart sellers adapt their marketing plan to be more attractive to the best kinds of buyers. Ignorant sellers waste time, money and aggravation interacting with lookiloos and insincere or ill-prepared “buyers.”

How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies

  • This dealmaking book shows sellers what to expect when they interact with buyers during due diligence, financing, valuation, negotiation and post-closing. (Hopefully your advisors are fully informed about this, too.)

Before you hire a business broker or exit planner,
or before you deploy their recommendations . . .

Sign up for our Business Seller Training. Doing so will equip you with insight and tools that are not available from any other kind of advisor. We’ll tell you more about your alternatives, what you must know before and after putting your business on the market, and perhaps most importantly what you need to know and do now for after the sale of your company.

This training will make it easier for your business broker and/or exit planner to help you achieve the result you want. And if you want to try selling by-owner you absolutely need this training; there are just too many mistakes you don’t know you don’t know about and most of them will increase your risk and adversely affect the sale of your company.

Learn how to sell your business the right way, in a live, one-on-one teleconference, with a Business Buyer Advocate ®.

Why learn from a Business Buyer Advocate?

Because if you don’t know how buyers will perceive you and your company and what they intend to do to you during due diligence and dealmaking, you are in for a big surprise.

You will get our 48 page proprietary client reference guide, The Street-Smart Way to Sell a Business ®, written by Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate and founder of “Partner” On-Call Network, LLC.

Thousands of people, since the 1970s, in the USA and Canada, have benefited from this training.

Seller Training flyerHere’s how it works:

Email us your contact info. We will confidentially reply with useful tips and suggest a time for your teleconference. Not sure? Study this website and then come back to this webpage. Chances are you’ll want Business Seller Training.

We will reply to your email and then, upon mutual agreement, schedule a 2 hour teleconference. Prior to the conference you will receive an email file attachment containing our client reference guide.

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Purchase your training and then by the end of the next business day we will contact you to schedule your training.