How to Access More Business Opportunities

Imagine what it’s like to be the owner of a mature, profitable company who receives an endless stream of inquiries from strangers purporting to be business buyers.

Merely saying you’re qualified to buy won’t cut it with most owners.

Most owners (especially if they’re not represented by a business broker) will ignore you unless you can prove, upfront, in your initial inquiry, that you’ve achieved successful mergers and acquisitions. Why? There are lots of other “buyers” contacting them. It’s usually more difficult to sell to a first-time buyer.

The good news about business brokers is they introduce you to sellers. But, what happens when the brokers’ inventory of listings does not include what you want to buy? That’s when it’s a good idea to expand your search.

  • Go directly to owners, especially of companies not advertised for sale. Two important reasons for looking into the off-market businesses: Less or no buyer competition. And, you won’t suffer as much lost opportunity income; the money you forego by deferring your acquisition.

Is your search expansive enough? It should be if you want, much sooner, to find and buy the right business the right way.

Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, can

  • front for you during your search.

It can improve your credibility and your access.

Ted says . . .

  • My reputation, by association, can enhance yours.
  • My messaging and dealmaking is easily proven.
  • What do people see if they Google you?


Enhance Your Competitive Advantage During Search

Why does involving me during your search open more doors for you?

The Details


At the least, consider trying it for either your first snail mail outreach to targets, or your second to targets who don’t respond (within a couple of weeks) to your first search letter. Owners hearing from me, introducing you, can add to your credibility. It’s because they visit my website and perhaps my other online messaging, which shows that I’m a longtime dealmaker.

You’ll mail the letters from your location using my letterhead and business envelope. Contact/response info will include some of mine and all of yours (depending upon your need for confidentiality/protecting your identity).  We’ll especially showcase, upfront, what owners/sellers see first in your messaging.

We don’t have to deploy all of these activities.

We’ll choose what is most likely to work best for you.

  • Commitment.
  • Shielding your privacy.
  • Warriors in battle.
  • Credibility.
  • I work the hidden market.
  • First on scene.
  • Experience.
  • Fewer mistakes.
  • Time and resources.
  • I’ll be around tomorrow.
  • Some sellers don’t like paying business brokers.
  • You only get one chance to make the best first impression. Watch my video.
  • I motivate.
  • I don’t take advantage. (See my disclosure, below.)
  • I court owners.
  • Answers.
  • Impartiality.
  • Reality.
  • Advocate for the deal.
  • I can spot a fake.
  • More owners know me than know you.

Before you can buy a business, you first have to find one worth buying!

Think lost opportunity income; the money you forego by deferring your acquisition.

  • This offer is not available to searchers seeking distressed companies or searchers not having sufficient cash for a reasonable down payment. I don’t associate with the buy-with-no-money promoters.

Never forget your lost income opportunity.

Irrationally deferring an M&A transaction presents at least two kinds of (avoidable) potential losses. (1) Missing out on buying the best opportunity that you’re going to find. (2) Lost income opportunity, which is what you would have earned every month longer it takes to complete your deal.

Tip: Search more effectively to find and complete better deals sooner.

Improve your search and dealmaking:

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