K.I.S.S. for Searchers and Business Buyers

Learn why SMB buy/sell transactions fall through and what to do about it.

If 2019 didn’t meet your expectations, here’s how 2020 can:

Advisors, owners, sellers, searchers and buyers are welcome to attend.

Submit your questions and/or opinions now or during the live webinar.

January 22, Wednesday

11:00 AM Eastern USA and Canada (16:00 U.K.)

40-minutes. Free webinar for advance registrations.

Things go sideways during these kinds of activities for buyers and sellers. We’ll highlight how their “contributions” help or hurt dealmaking.

The #1 Deal Killer

  • (It’s not what you think.) Email Ted Leverette your correct opinion before the webinar and get a free how-to book of your choice.


  • (Get this wrong and not much goes right.)

Buyer Search and Seller Offer

  • (Neither side, too often, realistically anticipates what’s coming.)

Due Diligence & Evaluating Searchers and Companies

  • (Maneuvering through due diligence is like threading needles while blindfolded.)

Pricing / Valuing the Company

  • (Better have a good BS Meter.)

Financing the Deal

  • (W.I.I.F.M?)

Negotiating and Dealmaking

  • (Nearly everything that can go wrong does; at least temporarily.)

Closing the Purchase / Sale

  • (Reap what’s sown by your advisory team. Restart/abort?)

Post-Closing / Completion

  • (It’s probably too late to unwind bad deals; it gets worse.)

Keep It Simple Searchers

K.I.S.S. Webinars for Searchers and Business Buyers ™

“Buyers” are not buyers until they achieve a done deal. Until then they are searchers.

Labeling them “searchers” can keep our eyes and minds on reality.

But “searching” is not enough.

Finding is what it takes for done deals.

Lecture and Q&A Webinars for the USA, Canada and U.K.

(These are NOT canned webinars.)

Ted Leverette, Business Buyer Advocate ®, (and sometimes guest presenters) will respond to questions and comments submitted here, now, or during the webinars.

Scheduled for 2020

Tactics to control legal and taxation risks and opportunities for buyers and sellers of small and midsize businesses.

Legal tips and risks.

Taxation pitfalls and opportunities.

  • Submit your questions now or during the live webinars.

Q&A pertaining to search, preliminary screening of opportunities and initial due diligence.

  • Submit your questions now or during the live webinar.

Fine art of recasting financials.

  • It may not matter that buyers, brokers and sellers agree on the recasting of the financial statements for the business for sale . . . if a lender or investor requires the buyer to obtain an independent valuation from an approved appraiser. That’s why our seminars will focus on reality; the kinds of things appraisers evaluate when recasting financial statements so they can value the company.
  • Submit your questions now or during the live webinar.

Street-smart valuation techniques.

  • Forget the nonsense you see online. Valuation experts (without conflict of interest) will illuminate the subject.
  • Submit your questions now or during the live webinar.

Past Webinars

If you’ve missed these, contact Ted Leverette for more information.

Street-Smart Negotiating for BUYING a Business

  • You’re in control.
  • Or they are.

(Emotional) Questions to Uncover the Truth and Get What You Want

Email now if you want a complimentary recording from the webinar.

How to FIND business opportunities
(not merely search and compete against buyer competition).

  • One of the most productive FINDERS will explain how his outreach evolved generating worthwhile opportunities free of buyer competition.

Part 1 and 2 -Strategies and Styles:
Street-Smart Negotiating for BUYING a Business

Expert Presenters

Contact Ted Leverette if you want to be or recommend a topic-expert presenter.


Connect on LinkedIn

You can also see the invitations and the logins to the webinars if you and I are connected on LinkedIn AND you are a member of my LinkedIn group:

“Searchers Seeking Investors or Businesses for Sale.”



Praise about Ted Leverette’s know-how:

Well done. I enjoyed your call immensely.
— Nancy Fallon-Houle, Business, Corporate & Securities Lawyer

60 minutes of pure gold! Ted’s feedback for the Searcher and Search Evaluation caused me to rethink the way I will position myself as a business buyer.
— Michael Bennett

It’s like fishing with dynamite, thanks to your evaluation and suggestions to refocus and improve my search methodologies.
— Robert Connelly

Thank you again, Ted. Our conversation yesterday has helped us rethink our strategy.
— Stephane Lewis

You delivered both strategic and tactical value that will change my search process. Strategically, your explanation of the need to ensure congruity of all parts of my search process was invaluable. I now understand that my search is a multi-targeted marketing campaign. Further, that each tool in my search process and every contact with owners either builds upon the next success or tears down the effort.

Tactically, you delivered practical, but blunt feedback on each of the search steps where I provided information and I appreciate your delivery. I now know what aspects won’t work and can make the appropriate changes to match the strategy. Finally, at each step today, you provided insightful commentary that has served as seasoned advice to help me become better informed.
— Terry Morehouse

I really like the idea of the catch-all question. I call it the “Columbo question”. Thanks, you covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Looking forward to the next conference call.
— Tom Kastner, president of GP Ventures

I enjoyed the TeleSeminar that you put on. Having the questions that you would be answering ahead of time was very helpful. I was able to follow along easily as you went from question to question. I purchased both of your books just prior to listening to the seminar. I did learn it is about your approach most of the time when buying these businesses so I’m ready to go out looking now.
— Nathan Edelen, Director of Business Acquisitions

Good job!
— Don Rudnik, Commercial Credit

I enjoyed your conference call today and need help buying a profitable business and execute on our merger and acquisition strategy! When is a good time to speak on the phone?
— J. Compton

The information was VERY informative and, as a Business Broker, was helpful to learn how a buyer should approach a business acquisition. Also, since I’m always looking for a business to buy, it was good to learn about the pitfalls to avoid.
— Rick Kunze, Murphy Business

I enjoyed your conference call. The information was quite valuable.
— Douglas Baumwall, Licensed Business Intermediary

Very to the point and straight answers.
— VP Chadha

— Gregg Fightmaster, Business Seller

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