The Fastest, Safest and Most Profitable Way to Make a Small Business a Big Company

Why own a small or midsize business if it’s not worthwhile?

Would you like to increase profit, improve customer service and further dominate your marketplace?

  • Eliminating your competition is a good way to do it. If you know how.

The safest, fastest, most economical way to grow a small or midsize business is by mergers and acquisitions. It’s also the most profitable growth strategy.

And the biggest benefit?

  • Bigger businesses sell for a higher multiple of profit. Bigger is better.

Let’s face it. Growing your company by “fighting” your competition is the hard way. Whenever you get a competitive advantage, your competitors copy you. When you “steal” their customers or employees, they do the same to you. When you launch a new marketing program, it takes time and money before you know whether it succeeds or fails. This is business-as-usual for the typical owner.

The street-smart owner uses a better way to grow a company and increase personal net worth: Acquire the competition or another type of business. It’s what the “big boys” do. You can do it too with the right guidance.

Expand through business acquisition for these immediate benefits:

  1. Reduce the quantity of competitors,
  2. synergism when companies combine,
  3. penetrate new geographic markets,
  4. gain inaccessible customers,
  5. diversify products and services,
  6. obtain skilled employees,
  7. update or acquire technology,
  8. have more purchasing power with suppliers,
  9. convert your mature business into an emerging one,
  10. which creates stronger competitive advantages,
  11. and additional net cash flow from the acquired company,
  12. which in turn provides access to more sources of capital
  13. and this increases net worth
  14. and the marketability of the company when it’s time to sell it
  15. which maximizes the sales price.

And the biggest benefit? Bigger businesses sell for a higher multiple of profit. Bigger is better.

So, please remember this:

There’s an easy way and a hard way to grow a business.

  • The hard way: Beat your competition.
  • The easy way: Eat your competition.

What about you?

Would you like to leverage your strength so you and another company can be stronger together? We can help you do it. We begin by helping you understand the . . .

  • best kinds of targets;
  • how to time your shots;
  • how to recognize unnecessary duplication of overhead and achieve other economies of scale;
  • how to evaluate the integration of companies (before you pull the trigger).

The goal:

Strengthen your competitive advantages to secure and further grow your profitability.

[The explanation above illustrates how I explain the dos, don’ts and profit strategies in my book: How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way—Dos, Don’ts & Profit Strategies. You can access it on my website.]

This webpage, if you share it, is another way you can let business people know you are thinking about them, which might bring more business to you.

Another resource:

Read John Martinka’s how-to book: Company Growth by Acquisition Makes Dollars & Sense. (Buy it on Amazon.) With twenty years’ experience as an acquisitions intermediary, Martinka knows the ins and outs dealmaking. His book guides you through the strategies you need to accelerate growth.

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