Entrepreneur Ideas for Kids & Aspirational Adults

“Playfully serious!”


It’s priceless!


When it is Not Practical to Buy a Business, Start a Business (9:48 min.)
Listening might inspire you and yours to be a business owner. Why? Because so many young people and adults want to find their way out and up from the economic quagmire that is stifling them. This podcast relates to a free 15-minute-read booklet: “21st Century Entrepreneur Ideas for Kids and Aspirational Adults.”

“One of your best, Ted. Sending it to my 4 grandchildren!”
Robert (Bob) Kelcourse, Broker/Manager of BizMax Business Brokers

As a 35 year old hating my job, but with minimal savings to risk, I am inspired by the 32 types of startups you suggest.”
(Name withheld to protect existing employment.)

The booklet:

8,423 people.

USA states: 37

Argentina, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, India, U.K., Australia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Philippines, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico!



21st Century Entrepreneur Ideas for Kids and Aspirational Adults

A 15-minute read might convey a lifetime of benefit.

Tips for preparing to start a small business.

32 businesses that can be started with minimal cash.

7 success stories about companies started, with minimal capital, by kids or young adults, which turned them into millionaires.


One of the most helpful investments parents make for their children is to help them understand that their best job security and their most secure retirement can come from owning a profitable business.

The earlier the better. Childhood is a good time to experiment. Young entrepreneurs can join the ranks of the most successful people.

Spoiler alert: This book may also inspire (“I’m going to get around to it”) adults to get more control over their own lives.

Reviews by Youngsters

“BOYS working for ME? Oh yea! Finna my sweatshop.“
— Carrie, 15, Indiana

Thank you for asking me to preview your new how-to booklet and to tell you something powerful I got from reading it. “The answer is “no” if you don’t ask for what you want.”
— Silvia, 16, Arizona

“My parents are too bossy at home. No way I’ll work anymore on our ranch after graduation! Thanks for being high-key.”
— Sam, 18, Texas

This in your book is causing me to ask some people to pay me for what I used to give away: “Beta (in development) is a good place to be. Kids don’t have much to lose, and most youngsters are more resilient than some adults.”
— Logan, 18, British Columbia

“Five years, every year, I spent my allowance on iPhones. TBH, wishing I’d seen your booklet V earlier.“
— Lizzy, 13, California

“Your book.  It’s lit! But my mom beefs me about it. She’s a socialist.“
— Bernie, 9, Vermont

“But I’m not! Go for it, son!”
— Bernie’s dad, 42, Massachusetts

Adults are saying . . .

“Very worthwhile 15-minute read! (It will be a family discussion this weekend.)

“As a 35 year old hating my job, but with minimal savings to risk, I am inspired by the 32 types of startups you suggest.”

“Good points, for all ages.”

“Fantastic and appealing. It draws everyone in. Good job.”

“I’m an “aspirational” adult. Your booklet has inspired me to go for it.”

“The colors, graphics and pithy statements make it fun to learn.”

“Practical examples of businesses teens and adults start with minimal cash.”

“Every parent dreams of their kid becoming successful.”

“Love your “But how?” page, too :)”

“I like the bright colors and the simple straight-forward message.”

“Kids that excel in life start early like the cover implies. Good job.”

“Looks great!”

“Fun little book, thanks.”

“I’ve read (and paid for) all of your how-to books. Thanks for a crackling freebie book!”

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