Avoid Pitfalls and Make Better Deals

Coming 2023

What’s Possible?

Examples of Creativity

Searcher Stories―Trials, Tribulations, Triumph

Searching Affects Creativity

Avoiding Snags & Pitfalls

Pre-LOI Diligence

Formal Due Diligence

Valuing & Pricing

Raising Money & Financing

Negotiating with Everyone

Closing/Completing the Deal

Transitioning Ownership

Tips for Advisors and Clients


New, a different kind of how-to book by Ted Leverette.

Hard-hitting reality!

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This comprehensive book dives deeply into the nitty-gritty. What actually happens during the interactions between buyers, sellers, brokers, advisors, lenders and others.

  • So you can anticipate what’s ahead, cope with it, and prevail.

You’ll learn the best practices of the savviest people searching for and profitably buying small and midsize businesses.

Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate ®, can be available to you if you encounter sticky situations, or you simply want him available for second opinions as you deploy proven strategies and tactics. And avoid typical, and costly, mistakes.

That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?

Creative Dealmaking for Buying & Selling Small Businesses ™

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